Welcome to the Blue Emerald. We're very excited about the stunning new horizons rising everywhere we look and that are being expressed through us. We won't go into much detail on this page, since everything is explained in other locations here. But we will highlight these few things:
  • Alchemy - the new and potent alchemical productions available here
  • PRISM - the oracle which also does the work it predicts is needed

Alchemy - Why Choose Us

  Potent, even life-changing, transitional elements, the super-conducting nutrients for the next-phase human

  We have used our own materials to reach hugely expanded states of consciousness

  Seventeen years of innovation and distribution of transitional elements

  Methods, procedures and progressions used nowhere but here

  All natural, high purity, guaranteed powders, liquids and gels

  Prompt shipping, professional service and support, and unlimited guidance

Every alchemical product page tells you the progression level of the product, but here are three examples of levels:

  • Alkhem - Monatomic Gold - starter, yet very powerful
  • Plasmatrix - Supernutrient Gel - intermediate
  • Phasix - Monatomic Platinum & Gold - very advanced

Or use the links at the top to browse around to see what lights you up.

The Bodylight Line are the "magic eleven" elements made with 250,000 volts of cool current. These are more for daily use as supernutritional supplements.

Everything else is made through methods, techniques, progressions and procedures handed down from "above."