Awareness Bilocation Training
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We're beginning a training round for Awarness Bilocation on November 17th, 2020. We'll be having weekly, or twice monthly, calls to go over instruction and feedback in addition to all the other course materials and instruction, bearing in mind that the hands-on doing is the best teacher. As for our international students, we'll have all the call recordings available, and if that's not enough, we'll arrange extra sessions according to the needed time slots. The introductory price for the course is $900. If there is any change in price in the future, it will probably go up. This is a bigtime bargain at this price, as training of this caliber would go for $3000 plus. We feel the Xupra Project is so important, however, that we're wanting to make it available as low as we can to garner the biggest number of participants that we can. If that's difficult to handle, you can make payments of any amount by using this form, which enables you to key in any amount you like. Please note, incomplete tuition by November 17 will roll you over as potentially eligible for the next training round, beginning in March.

The course involves the instruction and the completion of an online form for recording psionically collected information. The form is used to occupy the conscious component of your many-layered awareness while your extra-conscious awareness collects "target" information and passes it through to you to record in the form. It's very simple, straightforward, and requires only a willingness to participate. The only other requirement is that you set your attitude to let everything go that you believe about learning. This isn't about "getting it right," or "getting an A," or "pleasing the teacher," or most importantly, "nail the target." Indeed, the exact opposite is true, as those mental programming modalities are in fact the problem. This is about restructuring how you view the world and the information it is made of, becuase it is NOT only what your senses report.

If you do one to two targets a week (this is all explained in the course instruction), you would be ready to graduate in three months. Graduation is your first "ambassadorial visit" to Xupra, an upper octave 5th density planet that actually exists. You can read more about the Xupra experience here, a page which might be outdated (I'm just trying to get this out and done! Then I'll go update the pages we're linking you to).


There is a mathematical critical mass involved in this project. We need 102 people, and I'm feeling a hard push to assemble this exalted group. The number is an important fractional divisor of 7. Right now, we have only around 10 active participants. Once that critical mass is reached, the participants are going to rise to a presently unknown level of being, together, because of each other, and for each other. We will help each other to develop even greater skills in the manipulation of this spacetime plane.

Nothing has prepared you for what we’re doing, at least in this world. Nobody out there is doing what we’re doing. You'll see why that's true yourself if you do the ABS training. For this reason there is no step which can be skipped in setting you up with everything you need to know. As simple as it is, it is very high level training giving you a very high level skill, and what we’re doing with it will shock all but the most consciously expanded, and it’s exciting beyond belief. Plus, we have an enormous responsibility here. Once you’ve gone through the training you’ll find out exactly why that is yourself through direct experience.

Here's some more information taken from the Superbeings site. If it's redundant with everything said above, sorry about that.

What if we told you we’re going to train you to be simultaneously conscious in two different continua? One of those is this one, of course, the one where this document and your eyes to read it both exist, and the other a 5th density realm of absolutely staggering size, beauty, power, wisdom, energy and an endless self-creating cornucopia of everything elses. That stuff we’ll keep to ourselves in order to allow the training to deliver the surprises and the necessary component of direct experience, which is crucial for you to understand the power of The Superbeings as a project. Did you see Avatar? Pandora’s got nothing on this realm. In fact, it can’t even touch it.

The training doesn’t require any special gifts. You don’t have to be a psychic. In fact, almost all psychics and/or channelers are not what they think they are and just tap into stuff they themselves dream up, or just as often tap into astral pools of information deliberately put there by beings who have every reason to keep them wandering in a maze of cleverly conceived new age buzz propaganda. And the fact remains that our system has blatantly exposed many of them. We say this because it is just regular people who do better with this system than so-called psychics or intuitives, sometimes by far, except for the truly gifted and ego-free among them.

In any given session, you are establishing (much like subtly materializing) your second awareness at a target location to perceive and feed you the data. It would have something of a body there, obviously invisible to normal senses, because some form of body, even if it’s a fuzzy sphere, is needed for perception. The clearer and broader the signal-line between you and second awareness, the more “immersed” you, this you, become at the target location, so much so that if a truly gifted clairvoyant were at the scene he or she would probably be able to see you. This is in fact where understanding for teleportation/translocation begins as an acquired skill.

Let’s go over some of the practical benefits without even factoring in the end result. You are trained to set aside the surface, conscious, analytical, deductive elements of your personality, and in so doing become a pure, unfiltered observer of information way beyond the small local self's ability to perceive it due to the limitations of analytical thinking. This in turn teaches you to more clearly see how we are all so thoroughly programmed to define reality according to the programming that produces the surface consciousness world, and also to stop doing the defining if you apply what you’ve learned.

The training rewires us, changes neural pathways, helps us build an increasing coherence between the right and left hemispheres of our brain, dissolves the partition between at least these two levels of consciousness, and puts you in deeper brainwave states, such as low alpha, theta, and even delta. It builds a stronger and clearer bridge between these two different levels of mind, or awareness. The words we’ll most often use is “second awareness” and "bilocated awareness," which isn’t programmed by your definitions. Learning to think as it, outside the realm of definitions, is a huge step towards greatly expanded states of awareness. The second awareness is a vastly larger portion of self that operates beyond the 3rd density physical senses, and has no limitations in what it is able to do, feel, perceive, understand, and so on. The result is an increasing holographic way of thinking, thought well outside the 3rd density box. By the advanced level, or maybe sooner, it can become a truly psychedelic visual experience but without the need of plants or synthetics to get you there.

There are three levels: Novice, Initiate and Advanced. After graduating beyond Advanced is the Adept level, which gets you an invitation into a behind-the-scenes group of bridge builders, who are stabilizing, strengthening and expanding the bridge between the two continua. This isn’t about exclusivity or secrecy. It’s purely practical in that we can’t openly discuss what we’re doing without spoiling your training, and even more importantly the direct experience aspect, which is the most important aspect of all.

After two or three Novice sessions you'll be doing those in about 15 to 20 minutes, and there are 7 to 10 of them, depending on how efficiently you take to the system. The Initiate Level sessions will take you 30 to 40 minutes, and there are 7 to 10 of those, again depending on how efficiently you take to the system. The Advanced level sessions will take you an hour to an hour and a half to do, but they can actually become so immersive, literally like bilocation, that you might want to play in them for hours.

We could yack and yack about this, but this is about experience. The only way to know what this is truly about is to experience it. Plus, we continue to give instructions, tutorials, deeper theory and philosophy all the way through it, giving instruction and nuances which can only be understood when you're actually doing it. This is what the calls are for.

It really is about all you need to know, but if you have questions just go to the forum to ask them.

If you’re ready, just do it! After registering and before class starts, you'll be given a link to ABS Central, a page which contains everything.

You ready to help accelerate the Great Discontinuity?