He originated the term Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, ORMEs for short. The scientific research behind and explanations for what David Hudson discovered are complex. His patents cover ten transitional elements, including some of the more exotic such as ORME palladium, ORME iridium, ORME ruthenium and ORME osmium.

ORMEs elements have been found to be present in most living cells. One theory is that the ORMEs elements inside the body make up or determine some of the properties of the tubulin, or water, inside the cells of the body. The microtubules hold the water inside each cell. The microtubules also resonate connections between the body's cells. It is believed that when ORMEs elements are increased in the body, the connection between the cells is strengthened.

David Hudson believes these elements are the light of life. When these disaggregated atoms are dried and in a macro state, they look like white powder. They resonate through the body, bringing it balance and harmony, and help the mind and body find an equilibrium through cellular communication.