Energy Tech

It’s not an exaggeration, at all, to say the most important work we can be doing for ourselves in these times of global upheaval is to clear ourselves, our environment, our foods, water, and the list goes on. Puramyds do this 365 days a year without any intent, action, or thought on your part.

Everyone is on their path, but is that path optimized for least resistance, ease, grace, with maximal opportunistic doors being made available, creative potential, and general physical and mental wellness? Very likely not, as very few people know how to cause their path to work this way, and to walk it. This is the very purpose of Merlin Power Stones.

These are self-adhesive crystalline patches employing the technology of phototherapy for stem cell simulation and/or targeted replication. The patches are applied on specific points (i.e., meridian dragon points) on the body to gently stimulate and improve energy flow and bring balance to the body. The result is more energy, stamina, mental acuity, better sleep, reduced stress, improved skin appearance, faster wound healing and an overall feeling of youthful vitality.

Why Choose Us?

  • Made by an enlightened adept schooled by higher beings
  • Complex processes given by them and used nowhere else
  • Clear and expand channels to higher realms and selves
  • Purifies you of everything that needs to go
  • Unlimited support and sharing with loving friends
  • We are the next level alchemy, and the next
  • Testimonials – stories by those who’ve been changed