Blue Emerald EU Distributors


Welcome to our International Distributors page. We set these distributors up to save in the shipping costs, and possibly even import taxes, for our European seekers. Shipping costs have become far too high to continue shipping from the US. Please choose the one below that makes the most sense for your location. These people have hearts of gold, purity of intent, and your highest good as their highest priority, critical traits for anyone handling our products. They carry everything we make.

CANADA - For faster and cheaper shipping, Angelica Mark runs a great operation in Canada, but her updated site isn't finished as of May 6. She has everything you need, however, and you can reach her at 705.503.6125 or at

UNITED KINGDOM - MERLIN ALCHEMY - Located in London, UK, one of the historically significant alchemical centers in the world, birthplace of the Royal College, where alchemy was an often discussed subject. This is owned and operated by Omar Schettini.

From Omar: Alchemy IS about Transformation. And most specifically, Spiritual Alchemy, which is about Inner Transformation. Realizing one’s Highest Self is the Gold in Spiritual Alchemy. Here in the UK the Covid pandemic and Brexit have managed to isolate us and severed our physical and spiritual connections. My Vision and Mission is to bridge that gap, making Jason’s Alchemy products more accessible and affordable, to help us raise our awareness and our vibrations to higher levels and integrate with our Higher Self.

Website: Merlin Alchemy


CZECH REPUBLIC - ALKHEM - Located in Prague, Czech Republic, one of the most historically significant alchemical centers in the world. This is operated by Jan Mikes.

From Jan: The project Alkhem was created to satisfy the needs of all the space Wanderers and Volunteers living especially here, in Europe. The Alkhem is a portal to the world of practical Alchemy. It brings the highest level alchemy mainly produced by Blue Emerald Alchemy to raise vibrations of each of us as well as us as a whole.

Website: Alkhem


GERMANY - RECEIVE HARMONY - Located in Berlin and Hessen. These guys are professionals and spiritually knowledgeable. Their website is not yet live, but they are busy taking orders and shipping. You can reach them at: