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PPA NOTE: The Lifewave patches aren’t our product, so they’re not available through the PPA.

Alchemy comes in many forms, and Lifewave is an alchemical company whether they’re aware of it or not. The driving force behind it is a man with hundreds of patents, and who has worked before at the highest levels of public and private advanced scientific research and projects. In our constant search for anything that brings balance and increases the flow of life force, we came across this sytem in June of 2021, and have been testing its offerings ever since. We have, in short, vetted the holy crap out of this entire operation and what they offer, and these used together with our alchemical products creates stunning results. We’re living proof of it, and Mary and I will be telling our stories.

Verdict? They’re amazing, and they do what they say they do. I personally don’t like going more than two days without them. Check this video to understand how they work. We’re connected to shamanic practitioners who use these to heal everything and are especially adept at intuiting, and even pioneereing, placement. I’ve also figured out some secrets.

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What are we talking about? Self-adhesive crystalline patches employing the technology of phototherapy for stem cell simulation and/or targeted replication. The patches are applied on specific points (i.e., meridian dragon points) on the body to gently stimulate and improve energy flow and bring balance to the body. The patches essentially act like a mirror to reflect back to the body its own light to deliver more energy and stamina, mental acuity, better sleep, reduced stress, improved skin appearance, faster wound healing and an overall feeling of youthful vitality.

This is a network marketing company, and they’re one of the many that represents how the new abundance in the coming years will work. We’re not here to recruit you into it. We don’t care about that. We’re here to do whatever we can to get you into a balanced and thriving state. Remember this: the highest spiritualism is acing this beging human thing. If passive abundance is involved in that thriving, then this company is a good way to go.

That being said, we are going to spread the word on these amazing things, and that means we’re going to build a strong network. Whatever your opinion of network marketing companies (mine personally is generally a thumbs down), you could seriously benefit from our efforts. If you’d rather just utilize this future-tech alchemy for balance, wellness, antiaging, etc., you can just buy them at preferred customer prices by joining, or you can just pay full price and not join.

More on the Mystical Side

Now, we know from direct experience this product has real tangible effects that are physical, but we also looked into its esoteric depth, and there is no question as to its shamanic vibe. The beauty of these patches is you don’t have to be awake to benefit from them but for those that are awake, or healers as an example, they can be used like a focused lens for powerful transformative work for others or yourself.

In energy work, even remotely, these things are almost like cheating. So, just know that they have major potential in so many ways. There are lots of Lifewave experts, some of whom are acupuncturists or chiropractors that are using them in their practice and they have developed patching protocols based on the meridian system which are very effective. But, we also know that you can get clear and centered, tune in and apply the patches intuitively, and program the patches to do what you need them to do. Our Imagi Reality Hacking App is a good way to do that as well.

Why Choose Us?

  • Made by an enlightened adept schooled by higher beings
  • Complex processes given by them and used nowhere else
  • Clear and expand channels to higher realms and selves
  • Purifies you of everything that needs to go
  • Unlimited support and sharing with loving friends
  • We are the next level alchemy, and the next
  • Testimonials – stories by those who’ve been changed