Lifewave Videos

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PPA NOTE: The patches aren’t our product, so they’re not available through the PPA.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube. Just search for “lifewave patches.” There you’ll find discussions on the power of Glutathione patches, Carnosine, Alavida, Icewave, Aeon, and much more. There are also informative webinars that might be worth a look. Here is our curated list to get you as informed as possible in a short space of time.


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  • Made by an enlightened adept schooled by higher beings
  • Complex processes given by them and used nowhere else
  • Clear and expand channels to higher realms and selves
  • Purifies you of everything that needs to go
  • Unlimited support and sharing with loving friends
  • We are the next level alchemy, and the next
  • Testimonials – stories by those who’ve been changed