Mythion - A Novel of Human Transformation


Hello! I'm Jason Davis, author of the novel, "Mythion." This tale is a gripping, immensely fun, sci-fi time-travel mindbender, with twists and turns galore, and a mind-blowing payoff. But more than that, it teaches exactly how to transform into the free and powerful being that lives within everyone, if you have the eyes to see into its many layered depths.

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In the near future, alternate realities are served by quantum computers, which operate simultaneously in the quantum and 3D realms. Because of this, they operate in the domain of the human subconscious, where all the weighty human baggage teems like subversive parasites, heavily influencing our lives, creating our every barrier, hangup, fear, and so on. Xenxu is one such alternate reality, and much of "Mythion" takes place in that world. Our hero, Gavin, uncovers his own deep demons, overcoming internal conflicts and thus undergoing his own metamorphosis for which Mythion is a type of roadmap.

What's even more fun and potent for those on the path to transformation is the project being designed around it, which includes a card game, an online version of the book, and discussion forums to dive deeper into the esoteric secrets held within its pages. This is no joke. Anyone who comprehends and assimilates what we'll be sharing with you will awaken (or further awaken) the powerful Metaself within.