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PLEASE NOTE: If you are in the EU or UK, please order from one of our distributors in your respective region. Go here.

Ordering with us is simple and safe. We use Stripe, Shopify and PayPal, three of the most popular payment processing systems in the world, and which of course use industry standard encryption for transmission of information across the Internet, and we are compliant with all industry standards for data storage.

To look into our international shipping information, please go here, or if you’re in the UK or EU, choose one of our distributors here.

We do not store, on any medium under our management or control, any information you give us of any type. As for your privacy, we abhor personal information sales to third-party spammers more than you do. So your personal information is 100% safe with us 100% of the time.

PPA Orders – Call the number below, or send an email to marybetts21-at-proton-dawt-me and itemize your order in the message body. In that message, please include your preferred shipping method. The choices for both US Domestic and International are: US Postal First Class, Priority and Express. We will deduct from the balance of your PPA those shipping costs.

Telephone Orders – can be placed to Jason at 801.874.6243 during regular business hours Mountain Standard Time.

Mailed Orders – if you’d prefer to mail payment, you can do so to:

    • Grand Junction, CO 81504
      PO Box 40743
      Blue Emerald


If sending a check, we’ll hold the order till the check clears. If sending a money order, we’ll ship as soon as possible. Please include a note itemizing your order, and include your phone number and email address. Also include shipping & handling of $8.00 domestic, and $40 for all other international locations.

Bulk Purchasing – We have a very smart bulk purchasing option as well, where discounts up to 60% can be had. This makes sense for both businesses and individuals. It’s called a Prepaid Product Account. You might want to look into it as the smart way to go.

Moneyback Guarantee – we don’t want you to have to pay for something that you believe doesn’t work for you, so we offer a 30 day moneyback guarantee on everything here unless otherwise stated on a given product page. Please note, however. We can’t honor any guarantee on products which have been acquired and used out of the progressional sequence, unless you have demonstrated in some way or another, likely through a brief chat or email exchange, that you were ready for a given product.

If you have any questions about any of this, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Why Choose Us?

  • Made by an enlightened adept schooled by higher beings
  • Complex processes given by them and used nowhere else
  • Clear and expand channels to higher realms and selves
  • Purifies you of everything that needs to go
  • Unlimited support and sharing with loving friends
  • We are the next level alchemy, and the next
  • Testimonials – stories by those who’ve been changed