image IMPORTANT NOTE: Merlin Power Stones, can't be acquired with a PPA, as no discount levels are available on those.

A PPA is a Prepaid Product Account, designed for simplified and streamlined bulk ordering to accommodate big discounts. This program allows individuals and businesses to take advantage of big discounts without having to keep a lot of product around in the stock shelves, kitchen cupboard or refrigerator. In other words, placing big orders usually means the shipment of a lot of products, but not with this program. That way you're always insured the freshest products by ordering them only as you need them against your PPA. It's a great program and has worked very well for many people and businesses.

The discount levels apply to all our products. You simply "deposit" with us a discount level amount, say, $1000, which establishes a 50% discount, and this enables you to place an order by simply contacting us and letting us know what you want. The discounted product amount is then deducted from your PPA, plus shipping, and you receive with your shipment a statement of what you have left on account. And you don't need to keep the account balance at the discount levels. In other words, you make the one-time "deposit" and then deplete the account with orders, and "re-up" only if you want to.

The discount levels are:

$300 deposit is a 25% discount
$500 deposit is a 30% discount
$1000 deposit is a 40% discount
$1500 deposit is a 50% discount
$2000 deposit is a 55% discount

PLEASE NOTE: We're in the process of migrating to a new website, and PPA ordering isn't working on this page for a few more days. If you'd like to set one up, please call Mary at +1.801.874.6243.

This is also very handy for individuals or businesses who would like to make some money. For individuals, as an example we can drop-ship to someone you're selling products to, so that you don't have to keep products in stock, but leave that to us. If you have a customer who orders, you contact us with the order and drop-ship address. Of course, we can also ship directly to you any product you sell. For businesses who want to stock product, we can of course send as many products as your deposit purchases. We have implemented programs like this before, and it works well for those who have people they can sell to, and in doing so make enough to get their products for free. We have other wholesale customers who make their living off of our products.

We have established these rather drastic upper levels so that YOU can make some good money on it, and the beauty of it, ultimately, is that these fabulous revolutionary energies get spread to the maximum number of people, which is the most important factor, as you know.

After initiating the setup by making your selection below, and completing the transaction, you'll be directed to the order form. Sometimes PayPal takes a day or two to clear an order, especially on larger amounts, and so please be patient for those possible short delays.

Ready to set it up? Please select your desired discount level above and punch the button.