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1 Ounce Liquid
M Gold Platinum Rhodium Iridium
Step 3 on the no-brainer process



For those ready for what’s next above Origin and Lumin. If you’ve done fairly substantial clearing work, or if you’ve used Origin and/or Lumin, OR, if you’re intuitively drawn to this one, get it. If you’ve used “Ormus precipitate” products from other suppliers, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve prepared you for what we have. We’re a whole different story. Again, your own guidance is paramount. If you have questions, call us.

Another beautiful, but a little less gentle than Lumin. This is where the deep clearing work starts. Origin and Lumin got you going with more surface stuff, but IPhaz now knows you’re prepared to take a more significant jump. You might intellectually know there is a universe raging just beyond your conscious reach, but becoming more aware of it with your inner/higher senses is a whole different story. Once this barrier is crossed it can open a doorway to new vistas of wonder as your higher path begins to emerge, with a refresh of everything in your world. It’s from the same evaporated sea water as Lumin from 2200 feet below the surface off the coast of Kona, Hawaii, but with our monoatomic gold and platinum from the pure metals added in. It also contains natural monoatomic platinum, rhodium and iridium in extremely high frequency states, along with calcium, magnesium, potassium and selenium, plus many trace elements such as copper, iron, zinc, manganese and chromium..

  • INSTRUCTIONS: By now, you should know the drill, but we’ll repeat it anyway. After receiving it, we suggest you sit with it for a while to allow it to adjust to you and your fields and energies. It will also begin adjusting to you before you even consume it. Then, when it’s time, use anywhere between 3 and 20 drops. If you have a sacred space, keep it there. Some like to refrigerate, but it’s not necessary. This can also be used to anoint chakras, a few drops into a glass to charge water, added to a bath, charged with intent and applied to the skin or ingested, and so on.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

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