The Simple Truth - Fast Path to Freedom



This is a little book, 44 pages, extremely powerful yet simple and easy, and all anyone would ever have to do is what it says to gain absolute freedom. Freedom, mastery and lasting and unshakable happiness are all the same concept, and this is the way to get there.

It's a short read, but it has powerful undercurrents from our galactic-level partners flowing through it, and just opening it will begin potent processes. For instance, just putting a glass of water on it will clear, structure, and charge the water. Many times, we've had owners of the paperback find their cats curled up on it. So it's packing something! Haha.

It can take as many as five readings to see into its depths, as many people have said. 

It's been published through Amazon in Kindle and paperback. You can get it here.