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AULTRA MONOATOMIC GOLD LIQUID//500 PPM - This is pure crystalline monoatomic gold in a deionized water matrix. 500 ppm is actually very high for a product like this one. Our standard gold, a popular product for years, is 100 ppm. It's important to note that parts per million isn't an important factor in monoatomic potency, as some vendors would have you believe.

Scroll down for a quick report from a user. We include it because she does such an excellent job explaining what AUltra does first and foremost.

This one is a powerful intent amplifier. Why? Monoatomic gold is known to work in the etheric, causal realm, simultaneously with the physical. For that reason, when you use this one, it imprints your intent much more forcefully on the causal, clearing the way for its manifestation in your life. In this state, this is a bioconductive phenom for the nervous system, and if we have a system that resembles our body of light, it's the nervous system. It's a bonus that it also detoxes the nervous system.

A new and higher level teacher got involved with this one's creation, and it changed me in the course of days, one of the bigger upgrades of my entire life and career, in fact. AUltra (AU is the periodic table initials for gold) is a very advanced substance sourced from a super high frequency being, but it has the capacity to adjust itself to the user. The purer you are, the higher your frequencies, and those who are in a quite pure state, will feel this one in a big way.

For us, it's especially good at providing a euphoric feeling, not far off from a high, and for one user, the high lasted all day. After a few uses, however, it just becomes a peak physical and mental performance powerhouse. At least for me. Others have reported the "euphoric high" shows up here and there.

If you were going to use an alchemical substance for the rest of your life, this is one of those. If used over the next ten years, you'll have aged 2-3 years. Yes, it's in that class.

This one entangles with the energetics of the crown chakra, but attunes to the lightbody above the head, thus clearing the conduit for guidance from that higher self, bringing you more in resonance with your lightbody. It operates in crystal clear energetics and high frequencies, and helps with the digestive system and circulation. It's very good at helping to maintain a balanced state of mind when under stress, and if you're ready, helps to unlock multidimensional abilities relevant to remaining solidly in one's space. It also helps to enhance our highest attained senses and abilities. AULTRA can fully express the power of gold in this form. 

Another area this one excels at is physical and mental stamina, and is a good brain detoxer. Ever get that brain fog? This is a good one to clear that away and amp up cognitive functions. It's also a good mood-lifter. It also amps up the photonic communication in cells, upping the presence of "biolight" and "bioconduction."


I took 3 drops of AU the other night with intention and gratitude and then 1 capsules of NOVA Power.

The next day was like a total rearrangement inside a cosmic blender.

That evening I took a drop in water and began to feel complete peace and euphoria. the following morning after that 24 hours of recalibration I awoke brand new. In a state of joyful euphoria and so energized mind/body/spirit. It was like this heaviness and old pattern and blockage to my deepest Divine Creativity was dissolved revealing my sparkling essence.

Thank you so much for your work sedum creations ?????

With joy, gratitude and possible spelling errors sent from my iPhone. - A.M. Blessing

INSTRUCTIONS: Use anywhere between 3 and 10 drops. Let it sit in the mouth for absorption through those membranes, then swallow any that's left. Add it to a bath, rub it into chakras, apply to skin anywhere you want to address a problem.

USE TIPS: Put some in your palm and rub into your crown chakra. I'm using it to create new hair growth, and it works. You can also apply it to your face, and in my case age spots are disappearing. 

The health benefits of gold in various subtle forms is an eye-opening list, no doubt. Gold is often referred to as the "condensed rays of the Sun," but it's also true that each of the elements we work with correspond with a ray, or specific solar light spectrum, even if that spectral type is not detectable with any type of modern equipment.

Gold, even just the metal, has a wonderful balancing and calming effect. It's at the center of it all, like a nucleus, and in some ways could be said to be the king of the other metals, but it's more like a sibling-ship. Where the Sun is concerned, gold is the black hole at the core, and gold ultimately is the overseer of this entire phased process and its individual elements.