1 Ounce Bottle
1 Bottle - $49
2 Bottles - $83
3 Bottles - $110


Crysal - This is a monodisperse suspension of nano-diamond particulate in pure water. Coal (carbon) to diamond (carbon) isn't just figurative. Crysal is so named because the word resembles both "crystal" and "crysalis," the encasement from which butterflies emerge after their metamorphosis.

We are constructed from the DNA on up to function in a more bio-crystalline state, and using a product like this one will make you function NOW the way humans will function in the future, which is probably the main purpose for what we as a group are doing. That's where this alchemy starts, and it is from real diamonds. It's tricky to make, but it's fun, and this one is amazing.

Like everything I make, Crysal is a nutrient for physical and subtle bodies, and the "electrical" bodies get charged and balanced from its use. What Crysal does in you is going to be particular to your chemistry and needs, and is in fact easily programmed for what you think you need.

What it will do in everyone, however (if you need it), is the following: It works on the reasoning centers of the brain, and/or clarifying the brain's ability to translate 3D reasoning to the "soul" layer. Crysal works heavily in the meridian system, and in my case where many of the lines intersect at the rear of the neck. It works extensively with the hand and foot chakras. Provides a stealth layer of protection from what is left of insidious entities seeking to do harm by "broadcasting" a false recognition frequency.

And if you were preparing to do psychic or spiritual battle, you'd use this as a weapon, both of protection and offense. It works extensively with the energies surrounding the heart area, meaning the physical heart's electromagnetic fields. Opens up new dreaming pathways. Overrides any habitual internal bullshit, mostly mentally based/lodged, and gives clear stability to energetic space and experience.

As it's highly bioconductive, it amps up your bandwidth for greater flow of photons in both 3D and from upper densities. As a bioconductive medium, it sharpens and quickens the synaptic processes in the brain. Crysal is very potent with this function. Put it in water and it will instantly structure it and lower the surface tension of the molecule. Try it, and then freeze it. You'll see.

As with all our products, they do far more for people than we even know or could figure out ahead of time, so please report back to us with your results and experiences.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use 3-15 drops anytime you feel you should. You can also add it to a bath, use it on objects like talismans or crystals (to boost or maintain an intent), or rub a few drops into your chakras.