1 Ounce Bottle
1 Bottle - $39
2 Bottles - $66
3 Bottles - $87


Currents - This is a monoatomic suspension of gold, copper, zinc, alchemically prepared tin, and tonic water, suffused into and bonded with pure water. Its purposes are manifold, but what it excels at is the adjustments made in your fields, subconcious and conscious minds, and how biology follows belief. If you get out of the way, it will bring the things into your life you need to align with and tap into the new world financial energies coming online.

Scroll down to More Currents Info for a report from a user, which does a nice job explaining a range of effects.

The prep for this is the big part of what this is about. This is actually a very powerful and high-level alchemy, but can be used effectively by anyone. It resulted from a lengthy and complex alchemical process that "cured" for about 8 months.

Prosperity comes in many forms. You can either make a lot of money, for which you would then be responsible for a lot of energy, or you can streamline, simplify, develop a steady line of passive income that isn't much, but is plenty, kind of thing. Or you can just let it sort itself out and follow the signs.

It opened a lot of new perceptiosn for me, but we'd like to know more about this one for you explorer types who can intuit more of its vast capabilites.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use 3-10 drops anytime you feel you should. You can also add it to a bath, use it on objects like talismans or crystals (to boost or maintain an intent), or rub a few drops into your chakras.


"I received my Currents bottle in Mid-September. I held it to my heart and set the intention for it to clear blocks that withhold the flow of abundance to me in whichever ways did not serve my highest good.

I operate a community arts hub that requires funding. We were in quite a pickle last month with an digital art project needing £15k and had been waiting to hear if a fund we applied for had been successful the 3rd time around which was for £9.5k! Both came through within 2 weeks of taking Currents. Yay team!

Further to this on a personal note, I received a lump sum from the finalisation of my Dad's estate for £7K a week after and my bitcoin increased by £1K last week giving me money to live off in December. My bottle is now empty.

I have ordered another bottle and purchased one for my business partner who has a poverty consciousness that he wants to shift. He took 10 drops and sold a CD of one of his band projects that haven't sold anything in over 2 years! lol

Thanks again Jason. You are awesome!" - Brenda M.

As stated in the summary above, Currents gets in there and re-aligns everything that is wonky about your energetic position in a flow of money. Money flows all over, its energy, its influence, and if you want a lot of it, you might have to re-align certain aspects of yourself in order to tap more fully into those flows.

I've always found it interesting that money is also referred to as currency. That's what it is. It flows like a current. Equinox is about releasing everything standing in your way and re-aligning your geometries for optimal motion towards an easier and more graceful way of being where money factors into that.

There are other effects. It's very powerful, lights up the meridians, increases synaptic efficiency and amplitude, increases the light quotient in the cells, tonifies the nervous system, and the list goes on. Most energetic misalignments will be addressed, and those will in fact leak into the physical.

So whatever physical effects there will be, we couldn't even begin to hazard a guess. Three drops of it feels amazing. And from what I can tell, it charges up sexual fire quite a bit, which makes sense. Sexual energy is a potent way of burning into the creative matrix what you want. But remember, what you want might not match what you've designed for yourself before putting on this fleshly costume. But whatever you've designed, Currents is going to be the path of least resistance where prosperity is concerned.

Don't forget that money doesn't happen in a vacuum. If what you want to do is your part in helping the world along, then you'd be given the tools, concepts, ideas and visualizations to bring about something that the world needs, as an example. If you produce something the world needs, nothing can stop you from being prosperous because of it.

One last thing about it, which is actually the most important element. You'll also be involved in firing into the collective consciousness grid codes for humanity to begin adjusting to a new financial paradigm, which is coming within the next few years. The more we can do that, the sooner the old guard will fall and disappear into the annals of history.