For our international customers, this shipping information will help you understand what you're facing.

Events beginning in 2020 changed the entire landscape of international shipping from the US. Virtually all nations to which we ship have changed or revised their customs policies, declaration and labeling requirements. For this reason, we have stopped taking orders from non-US or Canada customers. But we do have distributors in the UK and EU (see below). If we have something you must have, please contact us and we'll see what we can do.

EU AFFILIATE - We have distributors in the UK and in the EU from which you can order our products. Please go here to find those.

The US Postal Service remains a good shipping option for our Canadian customers, and is reliable getting your shipments to your country, but once it's on your nation's soil, your own postal services are increasingly unreliable in delivery.

DHL/UPS - In response to this US Postal problem, we have been forced to upgrade to door-to-door delivery through UPS and DHL. These are more expensive services, but they've consistently proven to be almost 100% reliable to everywhere but Mexico (see below).

Mexico - we can't ship to Mexico at all. It's become the most Draconian of all the nations of the world in terms of what can be shipped from the US. You can order from us, but you'll have to obtain an import license before we can. There may be a US re-shipper (mail forwarding) solution that works, which is discussed below. But if you're planning to order, make SURE your re-shipper can perform.

South Africa - South Africa is second only to Mexico in the difficulty of delivery of anything purchased in the US. If you want to order and ship to South Africa, please contact us first.

Re-shipper Solution - Sometimes only we have what our offshore friends need, so you might look into this. Customers reduce shipping costs and get closer to guaranteed delivery by getting a US domestic address with forwarding shipping companies. The only one we know of that presents problems for us is Don't use them. Aramex has worked for us, along with their affiliate, Shop & Ship: