1 Ounce Bottle
1 Bottle - $39
2 Bottles - $66
3 Bottles - $87


For those ready for what's next above Origin and Lumin. Natural source in liquid only, and another beautiful, but a little less gentle (than Lumin) being. Also contains the Big 4: gold, platinum, iridium and rhodium, but with our monatomic gold and platinum from metals added in to the alchemical processing to considerably strengthen its punch.

If you've done fairly substantial clearing work, or if you've used Origin and/or Lumin, OR, if you're intuitively drawn to this one, get it. If you've used "ormus precipitate" products from other suppliers, it doesn't necessarily mean they've prepared you for what we have. We're a whole different story. Again, your own guidance is paramount. If you have questions, call us.

Another beautiful alchemy, but a little less gentle than Lumin. This is where the deep clearing work starts. Origin and Lumin got you going with more surface stuff, but IPhaz now knows you're prepared to take a more significant jump. You might intellectually know there is a universe raging just beyond your conscious reach, but becoming more aware of it with your inner/higher senses is a whole different story.

Once this barrier is crossed it can open a doorway to new vistas as your higher path begins to emerge, with a refresh of everything in your world.

INSTRUCTIONS: By now, you should know the drill, but we'll repeat it anyway. After receiving it, we suggest you sit with it for a while to allow it to adjust to you and your fields and energies. It will also begin adjusting to you before you even consume it. Then, when it's time, use anywhere between 3 and 20 drops. If you have a sacred space, keep it there. Some like to refrigerate, but it's not necessary. This can also be used to anoint chakras, a few drops into a glass to charge water, added to a bath, charged with intent and applied to the skin or ingested, and so on.


As mentioned above, even though you might acknowledge intellectually that there could be a universe raging just beyond your senses, becoming more aware of it in your inner/higher senses is a different story. Once this barrier is crossed it can open a doorway to new vistas of wonder as your higher path begins to emerge. IPhaz helps you to transition across this varyingly difficult barrier. Beyond that barrier is the blossoming realization of how multidimensional senses work and therefore how perception on other levels is formulated and observed.

Since the conscious self, the you reading these words, has almost no access to what is really going on in higher consciousness spheres (well unless you're a truly gifted psychic seer), much of the incredible complexity of the work being done is either incomprehensible, inexplicable, or just plain can't be seen. We rely on a friend who is among the most gifted seers in the world while still being human in a so-called physical body. His description of what IPhaz is and does on higher spheres of consciousness was a kaleidoscopic wonderland of overlapping complexity in descriptions of fields, waves, geometries, outer superconsciousness, and the list goes truly on and on.

Having reached this point with this step-by-step alchemical progressions, you should be more openly intuitive, using the capacity more frequently as a tool. You should also have developed a quite intimate rapport with these products and understand, at least to some extent, how one gives way to the next for further bridge-building. As stated elsewhere on this site, they are alive, conscious, self-aware, and they are truly your friend and ally.

There are just so few ways one can explain that each of these steps links the user to a higher level of information either contained within or linked to by your DNA/RNA and how they communicate with the "unseen" DNA of Everythingness, if you will. How that information is "brought through," or encoded, is determined by two main factors: 1) you and what you need, but very likely according to a much higher you, and 2) the element used in the manufacture, as its crystalline lattice structure is the sacred geometrical form through which information traverses from one plane to another. IPhaz could be said to be a bridge between Lumin and Phasix, but it really is much more than that, most of which can't be definitively described, but can be metaphorically illustrated. And we try to do that wherever possible.