About Me


I'm Jason, now past 60 years of age. I presently live in Grand Junction, Colorado, after decades in the Salt Lake City area. I've been a maverick and entrepreneur all of my adult life, with a few world firsts under my belt. But I'll skip everything of my bio not pertinent to alchemy and human transformation.

It's important to know that I started making these materials in the late '90s. I might be one of the only old-schoolers left, and the storehouse of alchemical knowledge and wisdom I bring to the table is considerable.

I was born awake as one of those kids who grew up wondering why everybody was so trapped by unending drama. I preferred to be alone most of the time because nobody's imagination was as "fun" as mine. I couldn't play games with people in any manipulative sense...that was one thing I didn't know how to do, and in fact still don't. I don't possess an understanding of how that stuff works. I'm probably mildly autistic.

I have some Native American blood, Iroquois, which helped give me the physical vessel I needed to move into mysticism, which I did from an early age. Somehow, I knew I could heal by touch and thought, but I never put that to use until much later in life. In the '80s, I decided from higher levels of mind I needed to balance myself out with hardcore materialism, which became a necessary education and grounding methodology in this holodeck called Earth. Then, things began opening up for me when I was strongly drawn to two books: Holy Blood, Holy Grail, by Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln, and Communion, by Whitley Streiber. I was actually angry that Communion was on the non-fiction shelf, but it inexorably drew me in. In only months, I'd opened up to the beginnings of what I am, leaving my steadfast materialism way behind.

Around 1996 or so, maybe '97, I came across David Hudson's work and tracked some alchemy down from Ascension Alchemy and others. No salt precips held any interest for me, right from the start, with the sole exception of our product, Lumin. It had to be alchemy. I still have a gram or so of pure white powder gold made in David Hudson's lab. It wasn't long before I came into the knowledge that nothing anybody was making was on a high enough level to take me anywhere higher than the makers were. So, no choice - I had to make my own. I started with Great Salt Lake water, but taken from an area of the lake nobody would bother driving to. The water was iridescent pink out there, before the lake dropped to current levels, and carried a lot of "magical" energy. I'd go out there by myself on Full Moons and set up for two nights with a portable lab and my telescope. It was so sacred. Right around that time, some associates and I were getting metal gold out of the lake water through an electrolysis process, so soon after that we figured out we were just taking it from m-state to the densified metals.

Understanding these elements has called for quite a broad area of study: quantum mechanics, zeropoint energy (and philosophy), depth psychology a la Carl Jung, how all that played into myth, how it related to secret societies, the Knights Templars, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, etc. Dan Brown with The Da Vinci Code (barely a Reader's Digest level account) was quite a few years behind many of us.

Moving along, I wound up in the company of some spiritual heavy-hitters, teachers and mystics with large audiences, who told me things about myself I wouldn't repeat publicly. After that, I was told the same things several more times by others with penetrating higher sight. I asked for none of this information. They all volunteered it. And frankly, I didn't know then, nor know now, whether I believe it.

Through those connections, I came into the company of a scientist who worked on the level of world government with intelligence level clearance. He was one of those guys who kept a "go bag" for when he'd receive a coded call and five minutes later a black Suburban would pull up in front of his compound, and he'd get in it and hours later be in some foreign Nation working in covert ops. His compound was located inland from Vancouver, Canada, which is where I went to meet with him. He was also an alchemist, of course, and had made 2000 pounds of ocean precip for a Korean pharmaceutical giant. He was the type of guy who'd been given clearance to enter the Vatican Archives, which yielded some of his processes, none of which have I wound up using.

He led me to mineral deposits he'd found by scanning the world by satellite. They could detect when natural sources would go airborne in the springtime winds, but it had to be at night because of the quality of the ions with no direct solar radiation. In this way they could pinpoint their locations. Yes, top level world and national governments have known about this stuff for hundreds of years, if not thousands. A favorite source for him and his colleagues was located in Utah. He told me where to find it. That's now what is used in Origin (formerly Alkhem). It was his opinion that that material was on a higher level than powder converted from pure gold. I never agreed, but I was pleased by what could be done with it in the hands of the right operator. There is not question, however, that was is now Origin is very powerful.

He'd made a form of white powder gold through a process I'd be happy to share with the right people. It's a very good one, but dangerous, and as far as I know nobody out there is using anything even close to it. He didn't like using his product, because it made him so empathic, and he couldn't take the darkness in people's hearts. It hurt him. He'd held onto it for years, but when I came along, he told me, "You're the guy I've been waiting to give this to." I started using it at nearly the same time as a rhodium and iridium product made by another alchemist associate of mine who used a process perfected by the Essenes, the Therapeutae of ancient Judah, where all the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, and where Yeshua (Jesus) was trained. That process used a certain kind of tree wood, and descended from the natural knowledge of the Egyptian magi-priests.

The white powder gold he gave me was on a way high level, and so was the rhodium and iridium product. Soon, I was vibrating like crazy, all the time, and then my dreams became nightly lessons. Through that time, I realized I was surrounded by a group of 7 beings at all times, but I wasn't sure why they were there other than as teachers. Then I realized they'd changed my chemistry. The chemistry in using Great Salt Lake water then changed so radically, I could no longer use the standard wet method to make the ormus milk of magnesia that so many use and call ormus. It took me weeks to figure out that my own energies had changed the way the chemistry worked. I'd thrown out batch after batch until one day a voice entered my head and said, "Now you know what all True Philosopher's have come to know: You will make the Stone when you can make the Stone." Soon after that, I realized that alchemy has nothing to do with recipes, and everything to do with the relationship the alchemist has with Infinite Presence and alchemists on levels above 3D. For a True Alchemist, there are no teachers in bodies. Not really. You can get started that way, share information, but for the true breakthroughs, it comes from "above."

When you are the inventor of a given process, it's like gaining a Ph.D., where what you create is unique, thus adding to a corpus of knowledge. You then move to another level in their ranks. Through a process found nowhere, I made the Red and Green Lions (famous Red Herring substances). From the Red Lion, I made rubies in a furnace. From salts, using a special salt and sulfur compound, I made precipitates that wound up being heated in a plasma arc furnace at 6700 degrees Fahrenheit. A university on the East Coast was brought in to analyze it, because it exhibited properties that people in the plasma arc lab had never seen. At 6700 degrees, it wouldn't melt, wouldn't alloy, but it contained no tungsten. At 6192 degrees Fahrenheit, tungsten has the highest melting point of everything on the periodic chart. The university lab was mystified, and offered to collaborate with me on materials development. The whole thing was a total mystery to them as, by analysis, only half of what was in those metals could be identified. I told them I was just playing around, and I wasn't interested. To make that precip, I knew I was engaging in ancient and advanced sorcery, and I could see no way of proceeding with them. Transmutation is done all the time, and this was exactly that.

Years before, I'd started ZPTech in 1999, and began offering alchemical productions online. I was never not struck by how it was changing people, and so figured I must be on the right track. I thought I was supposed to move on and develop other technologies, which is why I sold ZPTech. It was a lark. I'm an alchemist, always have been. On higher levels, in other densities, I'm a cosmic wizard, so little old Jason here on this gorgeous 3D ball is just a tiny fragment of that immense intelligence.

I used all my own products, but it was fairly early on that I realized it's not really possible to be raised to a higher level by anything that I myself had made. After all, the alchemist IS the alchemy. Right around then I realized that I had been raised by beings "upstairs" in order to become the portal through which minds and energies and frequencies could flow into the products I was making. But, sometimes Infinite Presence bypasses the upstairs teachers and the 3D alchemist does things not even they expected or knew about. That also raises the alchemist. The other thing that raises the alchemist is to get so crystal clear of himself (ego) and all the low trappings of dramatic personality that everything can flow through him or her with no interference of any kind. That way, Infinite Presence (God, Source, whatever you prefer) can "speak" though him or her and into whatever is being made.

I went through ten years of huge epiphanies and breakthroughs in my understanding of the inner workings of Creation. More than anything, I was studying quantum mechanics and the correspondences of those disciplines to so-called spiritual knowledge. In late summer of 2008, I had a series of experiences, huge openings, stuff that left me staggered. I started seeing through the hallucination, into the code behind the simulated Earth hologram, and finding out that none of this is actually real was a heavy load on me. Within a few days, I had the Big One, the one Jesus and Buddha and some great sages and magi and some Ascended Masters had experienced: what they call enlightenment, at least in Eastern Thought. It was the most sickening, crushing, and liberating, realization imaginable, and it isn't anything you can achieve. The reason for that is there is no me to be enlightened. It achieves you, only when you no longer truly exist. As I've said elsewhere, I wouldn't wish it on anybody, because there are really very few who can mentally handle it without serious mental and/or psychological problems.

From that point on, I was operating from the ground of Truth, and it's all I've done ever since. How I got there is what I make, and what I write, and Infinite Presence thought I was a good candidate, I suppose, because the possibility is only through the candidate and that Presence. If you think you want that, stop wanting it, and it might just find you. But in the meantime, for the sheer joy of it, plow ahead in your expansion, because that's what you're visiting this planet to do. NOT for learning or as a perfection of this vessel, but for remembering what you really are.

In February of 2015 Merlin, the actual Merlin (and his teacher), entered my sphere and began giving processes and lessons in the making of very high level alchemical preparations. Merlin Stones, which are "Stones" made of alchemical metals through a process that includes as many as 25 steps, result from that. You can find out more about these here.

We also use special alchemical preparations infused with specific objectives as given by higher intelligences (or selves) as keys to unlock deeper libraries of information regarding methods and ingredients, none of which are being used in the commercial alchemical community (i.e., "ormus") because they are simply not known. The knowledge has been hidden all this time for very specific, and obvious, reasons, but now is the time for it to come forth and be disseminated among those who have planned to become the image of their full potential at this most crucial juncture on Earth.