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This new Lumin is now a peak performance powerhouse, one of the most impressive products we carry. From a natural source, its main noble ingredients are the Big 4: gold, platinum, iridium and rhodium. If Origin is Step 1, this is Step 2, but Lumin can also be your first step into our world. Get this one if you're new to ingestible alchemical products, but be ready, because it's impressive.

PLEASE NOTE: I have yet to update this page to match the level of this new Lumin product.

With only a few drops, this one has an amazing calming effect, but it's also quite clarifying, and your body may actually get a pleasant and euphoric buzz from it.

This is such a beautiful and gentle being, but very powerful. It's like moving a mountain with a feather. The first thing Lumin does is balance your subtle bodies, causing alignments that are conducive to further density clearing, building on Origin by going deeper. Then begins the flow of information specific to you, an increasing quantity and quality.

It's made from evaporated sea water taken from 2200 feet below the ocean surface off of Kona, Hawaii. If you're familiar with the prehistoric civilization of Lemuria, which was in the Pacific Ocean, it has that Lemurian vibe all over it. It's taken from near a volcanic vent, so it's extremely rich in monatomic elements. Contains monoatomic platinum, rhodium, iridium, calcium, magnesium, potassium and selenium, plus many trace elements such as copper, iron, zinc, manganese and chromium.

INSTRUCTIONS: After receiving it, we suggest you sit with it for a while to allow it to adjust to you and your fields and energies. It will also begin adjusting to you before you even consume it. Then, when it's time, use anywhere between 3 and 20 drops. If you have a sacred space, keep it there. Some like to refrigerate, but it's not necessary. This can also be used to anoint chakras, a few drops into a glass to charge water, added to a bath, charged with intent and applied to the skin or ingested, and so on.


The first thing Lumin does is balance your subtle bodies, causing alignments that are conducive to further density clearing, building on Origin by going deeper. Then begins the flow of information specific to you, an increasing quantity and quality. To achieve that balance, much must be let go, only in most cases you won't have to let it go consciously. Let's say that you have a dear friend you've found out drains you of energy, and it's a virtual certainty that you do (or someone else you are close to). Well, in the olden days (like the '90s), you'd have to let go of that person and proceed through some emotional event. In the case of the use of Lumin, you will be shifted in a way that your energy will no longer be available to this person and they'll just drift out of your life to go feed on someone else. Or let's say you have a density lodged in your system from a past life. Lumin loosens that stuff without your conscious participation.

The long and short of it? You simply cannot enter higher spaces with the usual Earth energetic toxicity hanging all over your system of being. And, even more exciting, is that it prepares you perfectly for what is to come in more advanced alchemies. As you move forward into these powerful exotic substances, it's possible you'll be engifted with demonstrable superhuman capabilities - what I like to call the superarts. I sure have been.

Since it defies analysis, several superintuitives were asked what it consists of, and the answer was always platinum, rhodium and iridium in incredibly high frequency states. One of these superintuitives went on to point out that these metals are themselves undergoing a transformational tweak through me as a means to apply their innate properties to the DNA/RNA of the modern human, and what the human mechanism is to become in those who use it.

This alchemy links one with a dimensional rift that allows some very high level beings to send these energies through an inter-dimensional portal, which is actually the substance. These high level beings are above the Ascended Masters realm, but in alignment with their energies. These high level energies can have a sleepy effect on some due to the higher energies.

At the lower frequencies we have the physical organic system. A step up from there brings us to the chakric system which also coincides with kundalini. Above this there is the light column system, and a large leap above this is an energetic framework. The light column tends to lead one to what we call the Metaself, so the energetic framework is at a much higher and different frequency so as not to confuse someone as they are heading up through the energies. A balanced link to Metaself is vital - without the internal guidance everything falls apart.

This is a full circle alchemy for me, as it is made through a procedure that produced the first truly alchemical product I ever made in 1997. But this is so vastly superior to that first product that it's like comparing coal to a diamond. It makes nothing but sense that it would be a circle closing medium at this time, as an important component in the coming global consciousness changes.