$39 1 Oz

$39 1 Gram


For all spiritual-seeker levels. From a secret and superior natural source in both powder and liquid. It contains white powder (monoatomic) gold, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, manganese, and high-spin sodium, all of which are brain foods. For that reason, it's fantastic for cognitive functioning and a greater empathic reach into the world around you not available to your "normal" senses. Got an exam coming up? Get this one and Monatomic Gold Liquid.

Get this one if you're new to ingestible alchemical products, or if you would like to take full advantage of our graduated expansion system, which is the most efficient and no-brainer way to go. Don't let the starter thing fool you. This is powerful stuff. The alternative starter to this one is Lumin, and sometimes Origin, and then Lumin, is a great way to go. Use your intuition!

The scientist-alchemist who showed me this secret natural source converted it into a bar of gold, which then converted back to white powder on its own while sitting in the Sun. So there's no question this natural source contains high concentrates of monoatomic gold, and Origin is powerful alchemy. He called it "rocket fuel." It contains white powder (monoatomic) gold, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, and traces of other elements. Starts the clearing and purifying process, the foundation upon which to build for deeper work. Even though it's a starting point, it's very powerful. It only requires a few drops, and it adjusts to your frequencies to make the transitions as smooth as possible.

If you're sensitive to energy, tune into the powder. You'll feel it.

INSTRUCTIONS: Origin is powerful stuff, and must be treated with honor and respect, like any intelligent ally. It will show you the same honoring in return. This elixir is your friend, a mentor, a guide. Unless you have it on you in some way or another or kept under your pillow (for dream enhancement) please keep it in an honored place, such as an altar, and keep it out of direct sunlight, heat or humidity. It is best to acclimate yourself for some time to these energies. To do that, it can be kept in a pocket, or maybe add some to a separate little vial pendant. It is remarkable anointed on the chakras for meditation or healing work and it's profound in a sacred bathing experience. Creativity with its use is encouraged and it may just inspire you!

Powder Ingestion: tap out a small pile the size of a match head crushed up or the paper hole punch. Ingest by mouth mixing well with saliva. Can be taken with or without food. No contraindications. Day or night dosing is fine.

Liquid ingestion: between 3-20 drops by mouth is fine once a day. Morning or night is fine. With or without food. There are no contraindications with any medication or natural supplement.


This is the beginning of a cellular conditioning process, a kind of enforced adjustment to facilitate the "downflow" of higher codes, frequencies and information. Even though it's a starter form of white powder (monoatomic) gold, it's very powerful, higher than most out there. It has to do with both what the Earth needs through you, and what you need.

As it is now known that cells communicate via photons, or light, which was well known to the ancients, upping the volume and amperage of that light/electrical communication takes you closer to assimilation with what we call Metaself (the popular new age "lightbody" is a vastly limited way of understanding this huge concept). And what stands between you and it are your beliefs, your programming, and all the karmic, emotional and thought densities lodged deep within the folds of your incredibly vast psyche, accumulated from embodied experience that predate even the first humanoids on Earth. You are a galactic lifestream, and Earth is only a very small part of your experiences.

Origin gets your cells quivering at a higher frequency, reduces the surface tension of the cell wall, and makes hydration much more effective. This facilitates your transition from "copper wiring" of the nervous system to wiring with "fiber-optics," able to flow 1000s of times more light-information.

Once in your proximity, it immediately begins the process of seeking the fictions that stand between you and your truer form and phasing them out. It's not necessary that the removal and/or transmutation of these barriers be experienced on a conscious level - in other words, you might just wake up to a different world one day without having to go through any of the pains of reliving the emotional event that installed the fiction to begin with. Very few of our users feel only a little physically or mentally by using it - but they do notice that their world is different every day, sometimes profoundly, as they move deeper into the experience of the activation of your prewired power codes, and the downloads that happen because of that activation. Most users, however, feel something profound almost immediately, often starting with the purchase itself.