8 Oz Bottle
1 Bottle-$44
2 Bottles-$74
3 Bottles-$105


This is our straight wet method precipitate from Dead Sea Salt, and it's a truly surprising entry in our comprehensive lineup. In my twenty plus years of doing this, I've never offered a straight salt precipitate, because it's just not alchemy, but when made by an alchemist, it is! And this one's just so good, a superb source of highly bioabsorbable minerals and noble metals in ionic to monoatomic states. Find out for yourself. You'll see what we mean. 

To the naturally occuring monoatomic elements in the Dead Sea salt precipitate, we've added our alchemical gold, platinum, rhodium, iridium, palladium and ruthenium, six of the noble solar rays. There is no telling where this one will take you. That's between you, the Sun, and your higher selves and guides. This one should be among your daily nutritional supplements.

When you give your cells this degree and level of nutrition, appetite can disappear, because you've given your body exactly what it wants. This can in fact curtail the parasitic cravings that come with foods which carry drastically limited nutritional values, especially sugar. So, don't be surprised at some fat loss and muscle gain, if you in fact could stand to lose a few pounds.

Some early feedback on Nova: "This alchemy has instantly become one of my top favourites. It gives a very holistic energy and super-nutrition to the body that also begets a high-energy, stable, deep state. I feel a sense of deep nourishment and satisfaction as well as samahdi bliss and coolness when taking it. It seems like it does a number of different things for different levels of body from the physical to the spirit layer. Vitality, integrating and liberating and electrifying the bodies. Excellent intelligent ally that wants to be taken regularly. I absolutely love it and will make it one of my staples." - Elliot L.

Nova charges up photon (light particles) cellular communication through a number of physiological reactions, including hydrogen, which makes cell walls wetter, which reduces their surface tension, which helps in the more complete uptake of all nutrients, and especially with the all important hydration and fuller oxygen absorption. And light is in fact a nutrient.

This one you know is strongly suggested when the alchemist himself uses it as a supplement, and for when a higher degree of mental and/or physical performance is required.

Nova comes in an 8 ounce easily recycled aluminum bottle with phenolic lining to prevent any possibility of leeching into the contents. We checked these bottles out on all levels, and they're perfect. A suggested dose is a teaspoon, but for some, that could be too much. Use your discretion, and intuition. 

INSTRUCTIONS: shake well and serve. A teaspoon is the suggested dose. 


Add some to your lotion and apply to face and body. You might find the absorption through the skin wakes you up more than by ingestion. You can also apply it to age spots, abrasions, sores, bruises, etc.

Add some to your bath. It will spread its frequencies homogenously through the water, acting as a seed "propagator." 

Add some to your smoothie. It will take the frequencies of everything in it another notch or two up.