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$49 1 Gram
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STEP 4 / PHASIX - For those ready for the highest stuff. From a natural source, but derived through an alchemical method used by only me. Gold and platinum are the geometric lattice gateways, but they're indetectable once used and absorbed. When it's "born," it's a white powder so light and fine, it's stunning, and many veteran users of our products would tell you it's the best and highest we have.

We work with incredibly accurate clairsensing individuals, and one of them describes Phasix as one of the highest frequency substances on Earth. The Bovis Scale, for example, registered it at plus 20 million. By comparison, organic broccoli comes in at around 15,000. Although monoatomic gold and platinum ormus are still being used in Phasix as the geometric gateways and bridges for what is to come, we're told that what it contains are essences from far above this plane.

The dry powder can be insufflated, and can create quite a meditative effect.

If you've done substantial clearing work, or if you've used Origin and/or Lumin and Iphaz, or if you are a high level practitioner of secret arts, this is the one. You can still get it no matter where you are on your path, but its esoteric functioning might be a bit tricky to get to and understand.

It doesn't really operate in 3D at all, although the local 3D body can benefit from what happens in the subtle fields. It's for those who would use it for magical operations, or to formally request access to higher libraries. The only other materials we have on this level are Sri Yantra and Psionix.

Because some people prefer liquids, the liquid form is simply the dry powder added to distilled and structured water. It's the favorite of many of our users. Like the rest of our alchemical materials, it exists on multiple densities (popularly referred to as dimensions), but Phasix reaches so much deeper into the secret of secrets.


Powder - We always recommend about the size of a paper hole punch or a little pile about the size of crushed up match head taken by mouth. Let it dissolve into your mouth mixed well with saliva like a savored bit of chocolate or a favorite flavor. A few taps into a bath would be fabulous as well swirl about and enjoy the energy. Some people like to insufflate this one.

Liquid - Use 3-20 drops by mouth or add to bath. Always start out with less and level up as needed over time. Intuition is key in dosage. It's not about the tingles or the physical impacts, it's about how it unfolds in you over time, expanding your wisdom and insights. It's about the purification of your being to reveal what was always there. Add some to a bath, rub into chakras or apply to anything on the skin you like. Just tell it what you want it to do.


As mentioned in the summary above, this beautiful pure white alchemy (it's purity is completely beyond this realm) materialized out of nowhere (true story), directly on the heels of IPhaz. The use of IPhaz was the key for me to open a secret library of alchemical processes to make it. Although platinum and gold are still being used in Phasix as the geometric gateways and bridges, we're told that what it contains are substances that are not of Earth and there are no Earth terms which can be applied to these cosmic elemental presences.

Don't be surprised if your skin begins to emit a floral essence, and be equally unsurprised if someone remarks on your glow. We have more than just a few reports from our advanced users of this happening and people commenting on it. Many users have reported the golden nectar of light dripping into the back of the throat. If you don't know what that is, it's a hormone produced by the endocrine glands in the head historically reported by holy personages after years - even decades - of meditation. This melange of hormones cascades through the body, and especially the chakras and meridians, with light-bearing ambrosia.

You could say its primary purposes for the local you and the environment within your rather substantial reach is the merging of polarities, the automated purification of expression, the erasure of outmoded patterns in the mental environment that is the Earth plane, and the phasing-in of purer patterns in that same mental Earth plane framework.

Our superintuitive friend and member, who is one of the highest vibe, balanced and clean-living people anywhere, worked with the Phasix experience for himself for almost three months, which should be plenty indication for the complexities and "spatial domains" Phasix gives access to. Here is how he described it:

"Phasix gives you a bar. It holds you above the bar so you can understand where to go, how to be and what some or all of "it" is. Massive balance occurs as many life issues resolve. The power of operating at elevated frequency levels becomes very apparent. These personal spaces are not just multidimensional, they are also multispatial (parallel spatial phases) and require much concentration on many levels to be able to maintain. It's not necessary that they be maintained, but if with your inner sight you are perceiving self in another spatial domain, staying there takes much practice. It's like learning anything difficult, but after a while it becomes automatic, even instinctive. Phasix helps you to see all the components and how they fit but it's up to you to maintain it. Phasix connects through one of the most complex concepts on the Alchemical/Spiritual path. The perception of multidimensional, multiphasic, personal space."

For some, even if you're not yet equipped to experience what he describes above consciously, if appropriate it will install in you the programmed potential for later activation. If it doesn't, it might require another course of Phasix sometime down the line. For others, it might not open those spaces for conscious observation, at all, but for most it will have given the experience to a deeper version of your subconscious or superconscious being.