If you're after the real deal made the ancient way, here it is.

Gold Orme Analysis Pic

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We wanted our customers to see how Sri Yanta fared on the analytical method used by David Hudson, et al, back in the day. A friend of ours has an internship position at the University of Utah, giving him access to powerful analyzing equipment. He used a scanning electron microscope equipped with energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (or EDS). This man is as well-studied in monoatomic gold as anybody, and knows that back in those days, with this scanning method, monoatomic gold gives a false positive for aluminum and silica.

To be clear, it's a FALSE positive. That's just what they looked for to know that they had the real deal. He ran it through the system and it did not detect gold at all, which of course it shouldn't, but did show up as silica and aluminum, just as it should. This confirmed that what we have is in fact monoatomic gold. We've always known this, but it's great to find out that on the same analytical methods used by Hudson, et al, it nailed it.

The pic is 8000x magnification of dry Sri Yantra taken with the imaging module of the scanning electron microscope.