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This is an alchemy that again arose spontaneously from something Merlin and Company felt we needed to further develop. It’s best explained this way.

The front part of the third eye overlays multi-density (or what some would call multidimensional) information over your normal vision. It’s not going to see anything radically different than the forms and impressions of 3D, even though it can stretch to 4D and even 5D. There are sight centers located at the back of the brain, what you might call the esoteric third eye, and fourth, and fifth. See more below.

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This alchemy starts its work at the rear part of the third eye, which is a much more comprehensive vision system. It’s located at the rear of the skull along with the brain’s visual cortex. It allows you to see through things, to see remotely. When first being developed and nurtured, it behaves like a mind’s eye visual system of imagination-like impressions, but as it develops and expands it becomes much more comprehensive, way beyond what can be described as vision, mind’s eye or otherwise, or even the types of forms vision collaborates with the brain to create. This is about seeing down to the molecular and atomic levels, and out to the universal.

3D vision, as you probably know, is a woefully inadequate system for information gathering (or, in my world, projecting), and so it doesn’t present any useful analogy. We’re not all designed to be able to see to the degree some folks are gifted with, but we are certainly authorized to develop what we have to the maximum, and the use of this alchemy over a six month period will develop that area, again so long as we stay out of the way of its work and focus on continued development through practice. This type of seeing, of multilayered vision, like our discussions regarding empathy, goes hand-in-glove with one’s ability to modify the fabric of this continuum. This is just another of those tools, which will keep on coming.