3 Bottles - $109


At $109, this is a 20% discount ($28) over purchasing each separately.

This bundle is for powering up your capacity to manifest, and/or to help you align with the new paradigms and frequencies of abundance, even money, which are working their way into this world even as I write.

If you’ve seen our other bundles, you know that you can just get it, or get any of its parts you’re more drawn to, or even if budget is a concern. If budget is a concern, here are the bundle’s parts should you like to get them separately. If you’d like to understand more about abundance and its natural effortlessness, read on.

Purazyme. Why? We can’t say it enough: almost all limitation is due to the built-in limitations of this reality, and they all have to do with toxins, heavy metals, industrial pollutants, and the most limiting and egregious of all, toxic emotions and thoughts deeply embedded with you, which are the most limiting of them all.

Currents. Why? It’s very name explains what it is. Currents equals currency, and we don’t necessary mean promissory notes with dead presidents on them. This one was built from the ground up to help you align with the new frequencies and paradigms of abundance. If you’re already in good alignment in terms of manifestation, then you don’t really need it, but you may need to ready yourself to ride the new wave of abundance that is bearing down on us as I write. More on that below. If you have internal blockages between you and abundance, or even manifestation based purely on want (more on that below), Currents will clear it, and it won’t waste any time in getting about its work, but doing so while keeping you in equilibrium. 

Shimmer. Why? What most people believe to be true about gold, is actually truer about platinum. The early “ormus” people of the mid to late ‘90s have done the literature a disservice in its making gold be gospel. Platinum is, in fact, the new gold where this planet is heading. Shimmer's purpose in this bundle is to raise the frequencies of your composite being, meaning ALL your bodies, and to clear any deep and stubborn stuff that is left to clear. It’s one overarching power is pure joy, and joy is not just a chemical, or a state of being: it’s an entity unto itself. Is there anything more abundant than joy? And hardcoded into the fabric beyond the limitations of this Virtuality, is that joy is the state most conducive to manifestation. If something brings you joy, the universe will trip over itself trying to get it to you. 


It's important to know that financial abundance doesn't happen in a vacuum, and you certainly won't get it if you don't have a need for it. So, if you want more, think in terms of what you plan to use it for. If it's for the enrichment of the world, you just begin moving toward it. What this bundle will do is help you in the "creative flow," to bring through ideas, inspirations, new contacts, new doors, new opportunities, which is also something Merlin Power Stones do very well. At Blue Emerald Social, our calls sometimes involve manifestation techniques that are very powerful.  Sign up there and you'll be hugely enriched. If you'd like to get on our mailing list, you can also set up an account here

But we've also had people who won lotteries, or had new contracts plop in their laps. One guy had a huge boost in income within days of receiving and using Currents. So instantaneous results can happen too. 

When wish becomes need, the magical evocative is raised. Think about that. What does it mean? It means one thing: you’ll always get what you need, but maybe not what you want. Want is the desire of a small self who often thinks in terms of lack, envy, egoism, power for the sake of it, or any number of lower vibe emotionforms and thoughtforms. Need, and getting those needs automatically filled, is another way of saying I’m free, and that may include being free of want. Want is in many respects just a weight around your neck.

Speaking of which, how about all that Law of Attraction stuff? Did that get you anywhere? If not, you know why? It's because people don't attract what they want, they attract what they are. So, in one sentence you should be able to deduce the solution. You have to change what you are first. That is precisely what we're all about.

If there is a crime involved in all this, it’s that what most people want, they’re simply told to want it, usually by something that says, “You need this.” What if you could see a vista well beyond the material trappings of this little rock and begin to envision yourself moving towards such an expanded and exalted way of being, free of want and floating through the cosmos on shimmering waves of ecstasy? 

So, what is manifestation? In the simplest and truest terms, it is the act wanting or needing a thing, and then choosing one’s way to the reality that contains the thing wanted or needed. And it is not more difficult than that. But there are ways to imprint a want or need upon the fabric of potential becoming in a much more immediate and efficient way.

But here’s one of the noodle bakers. So long as you’re not in your own way, all your needs are automatically met. If they’re not, you're the problem. In the effortless way of being, in what we call universal flow, you don’t have to ask for needs, only wants. And it is OK to want, and there are only three rules: 1) nothing can stop it from becoming so long as it doesn’t interfere with your own growth processes and potential; 2) that you yourself move toward it – it won’t happen in a vacuum; and 3) that it in no way upsets the balance of the reality itself. If it enriches the reality itself, and not just you, it already exists and it’s up to you to see to its becoming for everything and everyone, including you.

But here’s the real deal. Virtuality Earth is heading into a frequency lattice, if you will, where abundance is no longer going to be withheld from the greater population. Poverty is manmade, according to agendas that are being canceled. It will reach a point where it will take work just to be in a mode of lack. The entire financial system is being replaced, where it’s removing “all the old spells,” shall we say, and it’s a massive technological and quantum upgrade.

The trick, therefore, is to position yourself in alignment with those new paradigms, frequencies, and systems. That way, you’re in effect waxing up your surfboard to catch the coming front edge of the wave. But, if you’re in need now, this bundle has you covered.

In the end, there is only one agency standing between you and natural, effortless abundance. YOU. Now, let’s get about getting you out of the way.