High Energy Nano-Ruthenium

Monatomic Ruthenium - It's an excellent product, setting a benchmark in quality. No form is more bioabsorbable or in balance with the body. In a Scientific American article it was stated that when single ruthenium atoms were placed at the ends of a short strand of DNA, it becomes 10,000 times more conductive, in effect becoming a superconductor. In addition, a major American pharmaceutical company announced that ruthenium corrects malformed DNA. Malformed DNA is a direct reference to physiological conditions that run counter to how the body and its systems should function most naturally and effortlessly.

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This form of nano-ruthenium is made by sending 220,000 and 250,000 volts of cool direct current electricity through the pure metal and into the pure water, creating nano-crystalline particles in monodisperse suspensions. A monodisperse suspension is, in our case, an aqueous (water solvent) solution containing elements where each particle is the same size, shape and distance apart, also referred to as homogeneous. All of these nano-element products are 100 ppm.

Like others in this class of substance, monatomic ruthenium is thought to be composed of stealth atoms, and it is now known that body cells communicate with each other by way of stealth atoms through a system of light waves. How this increased conduction translates to results is that ruthenium, as an example, resonates with the DNA, dismantles the short helix and rebuilds it again correctly. Apart from its known property of correcting malformed DNA in a general way.

The new nutrients for the new human - These metals in this nanoparticle form are the new nutrients, the new supplements, for the new human. The pure metals have been reduced to nanoparticle crystals which are not only bioabsorable, but are bonded with hydrogen to carry out specific electrical instructions in the body, including the activation of inert DNA. Where there are various types and levels of impedence (reduced conductivity) of electrical conduction through these metals when they are in the original metallic form, so are the nonmetallic crystalline forms also conductive for bioelectricity, or the type of electricity used by the body. Because the energy output of these liquids isn't on the level of the other alchemic products available here, these can be obtained and used immediately literally as a daily supplement.


Use between 15 and 30 drops, on or under the tongue.

When the current is run through the element, the element itself remains partially intact while creating crystalline particles in the size range of 5 to 50 nanometers (a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter), and only a percentage of which can actually be detected by conventional analytical methods because the elements themselves now "vibrate" out of the spectral range of the given element.