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Face it. You know where it starts. You have to want it, and be ready for it. And you can't lie to yourself about that. You know the deal. You've been through it. But here's an even more important factor. You have an inner self that is even more addicted...

Feel free to just get this one, or if you'd like to know why we know what we're talking about, read on below the bundle summaries.

Everything we do and make has the potential of hacking into those inner driving patterns and recoding them, so we won't repeat this point in these summaries.

Thrive - Why? Thrive is like a blast of yummy divine light, and it opens the door for frequencies and coding from your own higher selves. You have to understand, those selves want to merge with you, but with addictions and other energetic impurities, there's no room for them, and they don't want to be affected by these frequencies. For them, that's self-harm. So, they have every reason to bring in greater forces of potential, potential you can consciously use. Thrive is the gateway.

In addition, for some, Thrive could easily become the replacement "substance" while you clear away the old patterns, and anybody who's ever been addicted to anything knows that most of the time, all we do is jump from one addiction to the next in an effort to make the next one less harmful. But Thrive won't let you become addicted to it.

AUltra - Why? In many ways, AUltra carries similar functionality as Thrive, but its higher voltage focus is as an intent amplifier, imprinting your visualization, fueled by the emotion of self-honest desire, much more forcefully on the etheric and causal layer of the Earth system, clearing the way for its manifestation in your life. For some, this one might actually make you a little high, and if your addiction has anything to do with mind altering substances, that can't be a bad thing as another replacement "substance." But this kind of high is not about intoxication or escape. This is about feeling wonderful, whole, beautiful within your own skin, from the inside out.

Platinum - Why? In many people, Platinum has a fascinating capacity to sour its user on the feelings derived from whatever substance they're abusing. In other words, if you like how wine makes you feel, then don't use our Platinum, because it may make it so you don't like how it feels anymore.

Nova Open - Why? Simple, it's a super-nutritional powerhouse, offering physiological support while you go about your radical changes. When you make changes to foundational programming, you're essentially changing the infrastructure of your whole system. Those modifications will spread from coding and energy into your physical cells, and we want to give them the optimal shot at remaining healthy and in balance during those systemic modification shocks.


OK, you want this. Your ego layer wants to be free of it. You feel ready for it, and that's great, but it's less than half the battle. The greater power of addiction hides in the layer of consciousness Freud called the id. It's the id who wants you to ding that bell, for it, and it does everything in its power to make you do it.

It's the greater source of your cravings and impulses, and it's not even close. Some call it the subconscious. The Huna shaman of Polynesia call it the unihipili, and in most of their healing work, it's the unihipili they work with. In many ancient wisdom cultures, this being is endlessly subversive and is often the "dark side" with whom we do battle, but not because it's got it in for you. It just doesn't know anything else. It just wants the big feeling, no matter the outward, physical source.

The physical, organic system that being most utilizes, or is integrated with, is the limbic system, and we happen to be very good at recoding the embedded patterning in the limbic. And one of the most important elements in this is to recognize that addiction to trauma is where the unihipili most exerts its influence.

There's so much more to be said about this, including the much larger picture of why this world was built and embedded in trauma. Some truly deep esotericism is associated with addiction, and that programming is at the foundation of Earth coding.

A simple truth: We are all addicted to (often far) more than we're willing to admit, or even know about, which is powerfully subversive, especially in self-sabotage, on our path to wholeness, enlightenment and ever greater merger with higher selves.

Another powerful impetus for that subversive inner self is the guilt, and shame, that come with the repetitions of abuse. Often, it loves those buttons, again not because it's evil, but because of the size of the emotion. It believes that's what you want because you're the one who keeps choosing it. But those toxic emotions harm you, the ego layer, and the id has to be shown that, negotiated with, won over on your thinking and intent.

Importantly, just stopping a substance doesn't make you clean. Neither does the commitment to outmoded systems like the Twelve Step Program, which in itself is an addiction to permanently identifying with the rut of "recovering addict." That system doesn't let you break through to being a completely different person. True transformation and healing happens when you address the trauma that caused the drive to self medicate and escape the overwhelming pain in the first place.

But we aren't giving medical advice here. Getting off some of the most dangerously addictive substances can require supervision by the right medical professional, and we highly recommend holistic therapies that address the CPTSD that generally accompany such addictions, alongside tools such as ours. Healing can take time and is not a straight line process.

In the end, most addictions are Piscean vices, but folks, Pisces had its run. It's over. Aquarius is here, but are you? Not until you get free of Piscean obsessions and fixations.

Bring on the catharsis, and become the next age.

We suggest you get on our emailing list by using the chat and shooting us a note with your name and address, and sign up at Blue Emerald Social and keep an eye on Events, because we'll be having group workshops on this, utilizing the power of group energy to dismantle the addiction pattern within the subconscious. Those coupled with this addiction bundle will give you as good a chance as anything ever to beat that nasty weight hanging around your neck.