$39 1 Oz



Luna - This is nothing but the purest silver bonded with the molecules of structured water. This one is also very good at physical and mental stamina, and especially for conduction in neural processes. This is a fantastic product, and we strongly recommend it.

Alchemically, silver is represented by Luna (Moon). It's silvery, reflective, nature isn't just figurative, as its "whiteness" reflects away from internal self and processes, ensuring zero disturbance from any external force. This is the esoteric basis for its effect against infection, which Luna excels at.

Like everything I make, Luna is a nutrient for physical and subtle bodies, and the "electrical" bodies get charged and balanced from its use. What Luna does in you is going to be particular to your chemistry and needs and is in fact easily programmed for what you think you need. If you don't know what you need, trust that it does.

What it will do in everyone, however (if you need it), is the following: locates and plugs any weaknesses or holes in any layer of your subtle bodies. Coats cells with a protective, but easily penetrated layer. As it's highly bioconductive, it amps up your bandwidth for greater flow of photons in both 3D and from upper densities.

As a bioconductive medium, it sharpens and quickens the synaptic processes in the brain. Luna and Crysal, the diamond alchemy, are very potent with this function. It has a soothing effect on intestines and colon. With very little fuss, Luna clears DNA of those stubborn imprints, making it easier for your will and personality to be free of them, and leaves the 3D active strands in a kind of supertuned state, like a Ferarri just back from the shop. It's a lovely mood lifter, and helps in sustaining physical and mental energy, proportionate to demand. And last, but hardly least!, it amps up the sexual fire in anyone where that's slumping, and especially in men.

As with all our products, they do far more for people than we even know or could figure out ahead of time, so please report back to us with your results and experiences. And if you don't do this...well, we know where you live! Hahaha!

INSTRUCTIONS: Use 3-15 drops anytime you feel you should. You can also add it to a bath, use it on objects like talismans or crystals (to boost or maintain an intent), or rub a few drops into your chakras.