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Telepathic abilities are natural to us. So, we then have to find out what inhibits them. First off, the reality itself, and secondly, every toxin in it. Everything we make is designed to constantly expand your reach beyond the senses, into non-physical spaces, realms and higher beings/selves. The steps involved are more involved and intricate than most people know, but straightforward and easily followed.

First off, there is a lot more to telepathic/psychic abilities than the third-eye. In fact, it’s about a medium priority on the list of everything involved in expanding those abilities. If you’re interested in learning more, read on, or just get this bundle. Or if budget is a concern, get them in this order of priority according to your budget. Reading on, however, will give you a conscious understanding of all that's involved, which can help.

Purazyme. Why? It detoxes, especially heavy metals, and heavy metals in your system reduce bioconductivity to almost nothing, and all thought is electrical data being suppressed by lack of conductivity. So do other toxins, most especially deeply embedded emotional and thought toxins. They're hidden, and kept in place, partially by physical toxins. A super clean physiological system is critical for those of us who weren't born with the "gift." If you have done extensive heavy metals detox, it's possible you can skip this one, but you might want to read up on it just to expand your knowledgebase. If skipping, then: 

Lumin. Why? Lumin gets in there and starts the process of clearing away all the energetic toxins, such as emotional. They are as involved in blocking your higher reach as the physiological toxins. These first two together are a potent combo to get the ball rolling. Lumin also helps the brain to optimally function, with gold, platinum, rhodium, and iridium as its main foods. Telepathic abilities won't be available to anyone whose brain isn't functioning at or near peak, and the brain is partially composed of monoatomic rhodium and iridium. 

AUltra Gold. Why? Monoatomic gold is known to work in the etheric, causal realm, simultaneously with the physical. For that reason, when you use this one, it clears and strengthens the pathways between your local physical self, and your nonlocal larger mind. It also clears everything, both dense and subtle, from within you that would otherwise be a blockage. 

In addition, this is the highest level, and purest, clear liquid gold product commercially available on Earth. In such an exalted state, the nervous and endocrine systems thrive on it, and it brings a quiet peace, and even euphoria. A calm mind is critical for telepathic and psychic abilities, again for those of us born without the "gift." Plus, to go beyond psychic abilities is to reach the knowing state of being (where I exist), and the entire nervous and endocrine systems are involved in that. 

Psionix. This one is not included in the bundle because it is an extremely advanced substance, and we only recommend it to people who've done 90% or better of all the internal work that must be done to connect into the network of higher minds. It's all about psionics, and everything that is out of alignment in opening those centers to greater vistas. 

To seriously amp up your progress towards expanded contact and higher awareness, these practices go hand-in-glove with the alchemical products. 


We're associated with some very gifted "psychic" people, some of the most gifted in the world, and one thing you can count on is that their pineal glands are no less calcified than yours is. One conclusion to draw with this fact is that the pineal gland, thus the third-eye, are only partially involved in higher sight. But it isn't just "sight," as that is just one way to collect extrasensory information, is often heavily filtered by the perceiver, is also easily manipulated, and is just as often hallucinatory, meaning being produced by the so-called psychic.

The diencephalon group of glands is even more primary than the pineal, but synergistically work with it. The thalamus, in particular, is the gland you could say is a reality filtration system, meaning it's involved in making sure you perceive the reality as it is programmed to be perceived. It's the information gatekeeper, and you have to open it up, change up its gate switching, to allow more information through

The ancient Egyptians revered this gland, and that was due in large part to the fact that if you remove one from the skull, and cross-section it by cutting, it bears a striking resemblance to the scarab they so revered. In the many moving parts of psychic development, a healthy endocrine system matters, and all the glands are connected as a holistic unit. And the endocrine system is the organic communication medium between the organs of the body and the nervous system, also directly associated with the chakras.

Once the pineal, the thalamus, the hypothalamus, and the amygdala, what I call the Golden Quadrangle, are brought more into sync, you may experience a drip of a very special hormone in the back of your throat. Mystery schools, especially in Eastern thought, referred to it in various ways, but often as a "nectar of light." This is a hormone that cascades through the body, seriously amping up photonic/electronic communication. It can be produced after decades of meditation, or you can just use some of our alchemy, and it might just happen for you sooner than you think. 

There is also a chakra at the rear of the skull, just above the curvature. One might call it the "anterior Ajna.," or anterior third-eye. It's involved, and we have a meditation that lines that chakra up with the third-eye, passing right through the pineal and the golden energy chalice within which the pineal gland rests. It's a potent meditation, especially when used with our ormus alchemies. 

There are also two locations, one in each hemisphere, in the rear of the brain, that are involved, especially with collecting information from such a high level source, it wouldn't even make sense to the person receiving it in normal human terms. It's also involved, which is why we want to use brain foods wherever possible with the intent of tuning it to peak states.

Speaking of brain hemispheres, for coherent reception of extrasensory information, it helps greatly to have the hemispheres in resonant phase. Our alchemies also do that, and provably. Years ago, we hooked a 24 year-old man's head to an EEG to measure brainwave states. If you're not familiar with those, they are Beta (waking normal consciousness); Alpha (daydream, closed eyes, sleepy); Theta (first levels of sleep and dreaming); Delta (deep sleep, deeper than sleep.

We measured him, getting a baseline of Beta. He was awake, chatty, normal in every way. We then gave him 10-12 drops of an alchemy which, way back then, was another product but similar to Origin. In two minutes, the man was in theta brainwaves level, but he was still awake, chatty, normal in every way. The technician was dumbfounded. 

What this tells you is that our alchemy puts your brain in a deeply meditative brainwaves condition while being completely conscious, as though on a Beta level. This means you are operating in two entirely different brainwaves states at the same time, which means that you are simultaneously operating in two entirely different levels of reality. That's what shamans do, and how they perceive, especially in dreamtime, such as with Australia's aboriginals. 

Importantly, to be in Delta, your brain's hemispheres have to be in phase. 

And finally, possibly the most important consideration of them all, which with all that has come before might be hard to believe (smile), is the empathic body. What this refers to is turning your entire body into the data collection system, like an antenna. This is done through extensive trauma/drama emotional clearing work, and being able to consciously recognize the degree of responsibility there really is in attaining wisdom, and the responsibility attendant in being able to perform feats that extend beyond the "rules" of this reality (controlling weather, instant healing by thought, etc.). 

When your whole system's network is plugged into the network comprising All That Is, Knowing is the result. And Knowing trumps all hallucinatory elements of psychism. In short, you're thinking to some degree or another, with the mind of your Metaself, our word for "higher self." There's much more to discuss along those lines, and our Social Community calls and workshops are a good and fun way to get in the groove of it.

If you got to here, pat yourself on the back. It's a lot to take in.