4 Bottles - $129


At $129, this bundle is a 22% discount ($37) under the total prices if the items were bought separately.

Wellness is just another way of saying thriving, and your thriving is our highest goal. All we can say here is that our products have helped with a staggering array of conditions and problems over the last 25 years, and we’ll just leave it at that. The one thing most people tend to forget, ourselves included, is consistency is the name of the game. It's all important. You have to stick with the solutions for months, maybe longer.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot, and there are lot of ways, means, products and modalities we don’t sell here which can be of tremendous help. If you’d like to contact us about that, use the chat to get in touch, and we’d be happy to direct you.

Purazyme. Why? As a probiotic, it helps with digestive issues, and physiologically speaking, that’s where everything starts. It detoxes, especially heavy metals, and heavy metals in your system reduce bioconductivity to almost nothing, which brings about a type of cellular stagnation. So do other toxins, most especially deeply embedded emotional and thought toxins. They're hidden, and kept in place, partially by physical toxins. Getting a clean inner environment is Step 1 to wellness.

If your goal is great health, this one is a must, and really should be used as a staple supplement from now on.

Origin. Why? It’s rich in an impressively complete chart of monoatomic elements, and colloidal, and ionic, especially monoatomic gold, which helps with so much in physiologic systems. It’s very powerful, but designed for beginners in high level alchemy use, and focuses on physical imbalances.

Nova Dead Sea Ormus. Why? In a word, minerals, but minerals in this form work not just on the physical processes, but the processes that underlie the physical, such as the aura, emotional densities, light-flow, system imbalances. Minerals in this state are highly absorbable, and contain more photon communication potential than minerals in their standard elemental state, or in chelation.

Ionic minerals are good, but they’re not this. Dead Sea Salts are the most mineral rich salts in the world, as they carry at least 60% of what is on the periodic chart of elements, all of which we ourselves count as essential.

Secondly, hydration and oxygen absorption, which makes the cell walls wetter with lower surface tension, thus increasing the uptake of all other muscle and brain fuels., We leave just enough salt to also help in delivery and absorption.

Standard Gold Liquid. Why? The health and wellness benefits of gold are too numerous to even go into, but it is one that approaches it all from a holistic angle, a systemic angle, treating the entire system as a single machine with many moving parts. Plus, our platinum and gold work very well together.


Our mantra is this: Treat everything you put into your body as therapeutic, or as a toxin. If it’s a toxin, stop doing it. If it’s therapeutic, keep doing it. And we’re talking eating clean and blessed foods (read labels!), drinking clean and blessed water, and doing everything you can to breathe clean air. That simple lifestyle choice will work wonders.

As you may be already aware, lack of wellness often starts in the etheric fields of each individual, and is usually associated with something emotional, a past abuse, past lives, toxic relationships, and the list goes on and on. This entire planet was designed to limit you in every way, and that starts with imbalance, unwellness, and producing external toxins to make it even harder.

Everything we make and do addresses the etheric first. It’s also about imbalance, either in specific organic systems, glands, etc., or as imbalances as a result of the emotional component.

We’re also eminently aware that external causes, like molds, parasites, heavy metals, and so on, are also at the root of many problems, but it’s the toxic emotional density that could be how you attracted whatever external source into your life.

What we know about achieving balance and wellness could fill volumes, but we can’t publish it online. If you’d like to be directed to very helpful resources that can be put to use, as a supplements with our bundle, use the chat and shoot us a note about it, and if we have a resource that can help, we’ll direct you to it.