4 Bottles - $129


At $129, this peak performance bundle is a 22% discount ($37) over the items being purchased separately.

This is our physical and mental performance bundle, and includes the elements needed for both. The bundle is just a way to cover all bases, but if you feel you don’t need something, get whatever you’re drawn to separately. But please note: this bundle of products is tried and true, and works very well for peak performance. 

Of course, the brain is a physical organ, and so much of what applies for general physical performance also applies to the brain. The body and brain are a single holistic system, after all. It’s good to keep in mind that operating at peak 24x7 isn’t necessarily the best way. It’s best to know when you can function at nominal “settings” (smile) and when you actually require peak for any given day or activity.

Nova Dead Sea Ormus – Why? Both physical and mental performance rely heavily on minerals. Minerals in this state are highly absorbable, and contain more photon communication potential than minerals in their standard elemental state, or in chelation. Ionic minerals are good, but they’re not this. Dead Sea Salts are the most mineral rich salts in the world, as they carry at least 60% of what is on the periodic chart of elements, all of which we ourselves count as essential.

Secondly, hydration and oxygen absorption, which makes the cell walls wetter with lower surface tension, thus increasing the uptake of all other muscle and brain fuels. We leave just enough salt to help in delivery and absorption. Some professionals have suspected that high quality ormus as precipitates from salts can also boost the production of adenosine triphosphate (the famous ATP) which is an essential muscle fuel and can break down to a diphosphate and begin producing lactic acid.

The increased photonic component can make this one essential for longer term performance and stamina. Mary wants everyone to know this bundle, and its parts, helps her brain to breathe, she calls it. The other huge benefit to this one is how it powers up the "creative flow" with new ideas, inspirations. It's what you'd want to use if you were about to start a book, or a painting, or even what to do for a new venture. 

Lumin. Why? The state this product is in is all about the intake of energy from the ether. It opens all those channels, and “downsteps” that energy for use beginning in your chakras, meridians and endocrine system. If you have a need on any given day to perform at a high level, mentally or physically, 15 drops of this will go a long way. But if you’re just using it for daily use, 2-5 drops will get it done. This one is a genuine nootropic for brain function and peak cognitive processes. This one also has the potential to boost ATP (adenosine triphosphate). 

Aultra Gold. Why? Monoatomic gold is known to work in the etheric, causal realm, simultaneously with the physical. For that reason, when you use this one, it feeds your physical cells with etheric light. Every cell of your body has either a clear connection with Source, or a cluttered one. The trick is to unclutter the connection. 

Gold in this state can be like the drug NZT in the movie or TV show “Limitless.” Like Lumin, it’s going to draw directly from the ether the same kind of electrical energy used in Nicola Tesla’s technologies. The higher the presence of etheric light, the higher the energy output. AUltra is an astounding product, and I myself use it daily to keep myself near peak, and sometimes when I need it, at peak. This one is a top notch nootropic for brain function and peak cognitive processes. Since this one increases my muscle performance across burst strength and stamina, I believe it also helps to generate, and maintain, ATP. 

Platinum. Why? Platinum is perhaps the best of the noble metals at converting sunlight into usable energy. It’s a bit like photosynthesis, and our Platinum aids in processing it through the skin. The result is balance and increased flow of energy for any physiologic use or purpose. Plus, we’ve had users tell us our Platinum helped them to perform at peak, in both physically and mentally demanding activities, workouts, exams.