Monoatomic Palladium


Monoatomic Palladium - This is nothing but pure structured water and palladium. It's alchemically made from 99.999% pure palladium in a process similar to how Helios Gold and Platinum are made. This palladium has been alchemically modified to be in nanoparticle crystalline form, in what is technically referred to as a monodisperse suspension. It's quite advanced stuff, but can be used by pretty much everyone who is on a spiritual path.

Right out of the gate what has to be known about Palladium is that it can empty your head, like immediately, which makes it a very powerful ally for quick and deep meditation. It's especially good at promoting the type of awareness that becomes second level awareness, because the conscious portion of you, the surface you reading these words, must be absolutely still, meaning absent or subjugated, for the relocation of non-thinking awareness in other levels of mind.

That being said, there is nothing better than alchemical preparations which work together in powerful ways. In this case, we'd be talking about how well Helios Iridium and Palladium work together. While the upper reaches of Iridium can be like a sky-filling electrical storm, Palladium can take all that raw electrical power, change the type of electricity that it is, make it more coherent, modulate its waveform, balance it, and helps in the distribution of it through everything electrical in both the physical and non-physical bodies. And it does it completely without effort.

Palladium, Gold and Platinum are all easier to work with, which is why they're priced the same as one another at $39 an ounce. It doesn't need to be used every day, by any means, and so the ounce should last 1-3 months or longer.

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  • INSTRUCTIONS: Use anywhere between 2 and 6 drops, let it sit in the mouth for absorption through those membranes, then swallow any that's left. You can also rub it into your skin, chakras, or put it up your nose and sniff. Seers or other expert practitioners could find any number of uses for it that we don't even know about.

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Palladium and Iridium can potentiate each other. So two drops of Palladium becomes four drops in effect from a single drop of Iridium, as just an example. In that way it's very calming. Through the electrical system, it can calm the adrenal glands, as an example. This makes it an excellent balm for stress in general, and especially stressful situations. In that respect, it could also help with blood pressure when the cause is stress.

Even without Iridium, Palladium lights up the entire nervous system in this modified electrical way, helping everything to connect more efficiently, and so, as an example, it could improve coordination for athletic type activities, or Martial Arts of any kind.

It's very good for left brain stuff, like math and logic, but not to the detriment of right brain stuff. It doesn't busy the mind by any means, but does make it work better for problem-solving, critical thinking, language acuity...really everything around cognitive function and analytical thinking. If you took an IQ test one day and started a week long course of Palladium, your score would go up a few points.

Wildly, it's also very good with opening telepathic and empathic channels, and so it's a great one for maintaining a mode of analytical thinking while at the same time optimizing whatever telepathic level you are on, while helping to increase, or widen the bandwidth of, that type of channel. That's a huge thing around here since what we're doing with the alchemy, Awareness Bilocation Training and other tools is make it so we're conscious on two levels of mind at the same time, what's called first level awareness and second level awareness. To do this, you have to bring about a high level of coherence between the hemispheres, and to be both totally conscious in this spacetime level of perception and in a completely other level of perception simultaneously is the ultimate goal of all high order mystical traditions.

It brings about an upgrading and balancing in the solar plex area, which is a bundle of nerves called the celiac ganglia, or plexus. This helps in the flow of physical energy, not necessarily or just from a muscle fuel standpoint, as an example, but energy enhancement through the quality, quantity and balance of the electricity generated by this Palladium within itself as it gets put to use by the body. This electricity is an upgrade in voltage, or maybe better said, amperage, and in the type of electricity it and the body generate together.

Let's see if we can give an example of the type of balance we're trying to describe. Let's say you're undergoing some sort of energy work by a legit practitioner or someone from a higher perceptual plane, like our many 3rd density discarnate helpers. This can cause a spike in the body's overall energy, even in the subtle bodies. Palladium provides a smoother conduit for any kind of energy work and helps to distribute it efficiently and in balance. How that also helps is that there would be less concentration, or visualization as an example, for the energy flow and distribution. You could say that it gives a little bubble to be in a high energy place without the effort necessary when you're working in different areas or "spaces."

There are similarities between the type of electricity being generated in the Earth's ionosphere and the way new electrical output is being generated in the body by this particular Palladium. It does it physically, and in the subtle bodies, like in an aura, and especially in the nervous system.

It has much to do with vision, but so far it's hard to pin down what that is other than that you might have an improvement in peripheral vision. It also decreases photosensitivity. It brings balance to the endocrine system, and thus to hormone production and internal chemistry, which is interesting since the endocrine system is the set of glands that functions in a communicative way between the organs and central nervous system.