Monoatomic Iridium


Monoatomic Iridium - This is nothing but pure structured water and iridium. It's alchemically made from 99.999% pure iridium in a process quite different than those to make any of the other products here, except for Helios Rhodium, Ruthenium and Osmium. This iridium has been alchemically modified to be in nanoparticle crystalline form, in what is technically referred to as a monodisperse suspension. It's quite advanced stuff, but can be used by pretty much everyone who is on a spiritual path. Some users would tell you it's their favorite, and it can be astonishing for those who are attuned to it. It's a very high level and pure spirit.

While the process to make it isn't very complex (other than knowing the best times of day and planetary positions!), but is very time-consuming. It's therefore available in half-ounce bottles. It doesn't need to be used every day, by any means, and so the half-ounce should last 1-2 months.

It is now known that between 5% and 10% of the matter composing the brain is rhodium and iridium in forms equivalent to what we have here. In addition, quantities of it are found in spinal fluid, and in the spine we have what the Hindus and Buddhists call the Nadis, which are channels of energy. More on that below.

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  • INSTRUCTIONS: Use anywhere between 2 and 6 drops, let it sit in the mouth for absorption through those membranes, then swallow any that's left. You can also rub it into your skin, chakras, or put it up your nose and sniff. Seers or other expert practitioners could find any number of uses for it that we don't even know about. If you read the below informaation, you'll see that our Monoatomic Iridium is VERY special stuff in the depths of cosmic esoterica. This superseer would strongly recommend you use both Palladium and Rhodium before you use our Iridum.

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Before I turn this little discussion over to a seer who saw WAY into our Iridium, I'll mention that Rhodium and Iridium have long been thought to work well together. We in fact invented the term "twins" for these in the early 2000s (which you'll see on other sites who "borrowed" our information), but it's not really accurate for everyone, because our Iridium is far beyond any other form out there. All that info is discussed in the Monoatomic Rhodium writeup, but Iridium also works spectacularly with Ruthenium, which is explained below.

By the following write-up, it's plain to see that we're very particular about the full range of a given substance's properties, capacities and capabilities, and this is in direct proportion to the responsibility we maintain about it all. The below write-up could be intimidating, but if you're still drawn to it, then there's a reason for that, if for no other reason than just to have the bottle around, which is still very powerful. Just be patient, watchful, open, other words, just be ultra-conscious to see what flows into your world once you get it in your possession. Treat it like a hair-trigger explosive that loves you deeply (it's the same for Osmium) and you'll be all right. With any questions, please contact us.

The superseer's comments: "I went out through the energetics that the Ruthenium is working with, and then there was an open and empty space, almost like a mental buffer zone, and then all this other stuff was out past that, which is not part of the local self. So where the Ruthenium is working on parts of you from the outer fields inward, the Iridium is something totally different. With that you're getting into some very complex dynamics and just hidden aspects of what reality really is and how it can work.

"The Iridium's pretty far out stuff. It can be really complicated to work with. If you can be very clear and deeply intuitive with its capabilities and how to work with it and them, then all right. But because it's giving access to the nuts and bolts of everything, what it's all made of and how it all works, you could get in trouble real quick with it if you weren't using it with clarity and understanding that you are working with something that can do things like this. So it's about reverence, and respect, and your full attention, and the built-in safeguards will walk people through it without them knowing or seeing what's going on so long as they're sincere and in a surrender mentality.

"In general, people have to have a certain level of surrender, or even total, on a spiritual path in order to get to the place to where they would have access to this type of stuff. But someone who has gained access without the openness and neutrality of surrender could get themselves into some trouble with this stuff, and it could go unnoticed for a while. Of course it wouldn't be anything we couldn't do something about after the fact, and so it's important that those who've graduated to this level, this Iridium, be very watchful in their day-to-day lives. It isn't that anything could get in and manipulate or control or anything like that. It's more about someone who's on a magical journey and is too hasty and rash and lacking even basic wisdom, and is gifted with higher sight so that they can see where they've wandered to, and could suddenly find themselves in something of an energetic and tricky maze.

"So we have these mechanisms out there which are completely differentiated and separated from what Iridium is and does. But what this crazy powerful stuff actually is is the most complicated skeleton key you've ever seen, which opens all these locks to sophisticated energies and codes, and stuff even more exotic. So it really can open things that pretty much nothing else could open and give access to...well, instead of little parts of it one at a time and individual aspects, it's instead like getting whole access, like a whole package or system. And the Iridium would help someone with a quite developed sense of higher sight to understand the complexities and workings of one of these whole packages or systems. That way, with a person like that, they can see how it can be put to use, like the Iridium clarifies a highly technical instruction manual so that you don't implement something you shouldn't or what you're not ready for.

"Now ultimately, to achieve being able to perceive something like an ultimate reality, you have to move past the Iridium into deep deep esoterica, which all has tight security and isn't going to allow passage very often, but the Iridium is a pass to go into it. Not very many people, even high level gurus, ever wander into this kind of stuff. They stay out of there on purpose. It's only a few that would ever go in there, and of course they're gonna be really high level beings anyway, but with the Iridium it takes a lot of the sting out of it and makes it a lot less complex. And I think what would help with that also would be Ruthenium for a few days because it would sort out anything that might be off with conduits to and through the outer fields.

"Rhodium can also have a strong role in this. It's like saying the Iridium is a gigantic lightning storm that's out of control, nonstop strikes all across the sky, and Rhodium functions in the capacity of a lightning rod, and it tones the whole thing down so that it can be handled, even grounding it, in a way. There will be some people who have access to the types of subtle awareness you'd need to know which door you're unlocking with the skeleton key, and can therefore actually bring into themselves and negotiate that intense lightning storm, but most should want the Rhodium at least a full day before using the Iridium if they want things to be mellower in their handling of the energetics. So it's probably a good idea to suggest that everyone use Rhodium for a day or two beforehand just to make sure that the days after the use of the Iridium are proceeding smoothly.

"The Rhodium isn't going to change its potency or the volume of information or whatever, it's just going to tone down the voltage, or amperage, and help to ground it. Now, obviously, not everyone is going to even get to the voltage element, but some people are going to like the high voltage electronics. So you can compare the way Rhodium works with Osmium. The Osmium can be downright dangerous, energetically speaking, without the Rhodium, whereas most of the higher energy aspects of Iridium could be negotiated without it by the right person."