Monoatomic Ruthenium


Monoatomic Ruthenium - This is nothing but pure structured water and ruthenium. It's alchemically made from 99.999% pure ruthenium in a process quite different than those to make any of the other products here, except for Helios Rhodium, Iridium and Osmium. This ruthenium has been alchemically modified to be in nanoparticle crystalline form, in what is technically referred to as a monodisperse suspension. It's quite advanced stuff, but can be used by pretty much everyone who is on a spiritual path.

In a Scientific American article (which, again, we originally published, but you'll find our research used by other vendors) it was stated that when single ruthenium atoms were placed at the ends of a short strand of DNA, it becomes 10,000 times more conductive, in effect becoming a superconductor. In addition, a major American pharmaceutical company announced that ruthenium corrects malformed DNA. Malformed DNA is a direct reference to physiological conditions that run counter to how the body and its systems should function most naturally and therefore most effortlessly.

While the process to make it isn't very complex (other than knowing the best times of day and planetary positions!), but is very time-consuming. It's therefore priced up there with our most advanced materials. It doesn't need to be used every day, by any means, and so the ounce should last 1-3 months or longer.

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  • INSTRUCTIONS: Use anywhere between 2 and 6 drops, let it sit in the mouth for absorption through those membranes, then swallow any that's left. You can also rub it into your skin, chakras, or put it up your nose and sniff. Seers or other expert practitioners could find any number of uses for it that we don't even know about.

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Ruthenium works its way through the outer fields and how those tie to both the so-called reality system as we see it, our world, and the underlying system where flow, templates, raw information, codes, and so on, can be accessed. Ruthenium starts in those outer fields and makes the necessary adjustments in the connections between the underlying flow and this level, the one available to our five normal senses and our conscious minds. Some people...their systems are more limited, especially in higher sight, and so there is a greater willingess on the part of both sides, meaning reality and that which projects it, to automatically handle some or all of those functions and connections.

And it's not necessarily expanding someone's connections to make them bigger, it's more removing impeding energies and balancing those conduits to make smoother whatever is supposed to be going on in their life. Whatever is supposed to be going on will happen with or without Ruthenium, but it will make it much more fluid, balanced and even peaceful. Let's say someone's going to get a new car, and they find themselves involved in something of a hassle with the salesman, then the financing. But a few days of Ruthenium before car-shopping and everything goes off smooth as silk, and this is because it is working in outer energetic fields which then make adjustments to the conduits between the realms, I guess you could say, this one and the energetic one which gives rise to this 3rd density level simulation.

There's something specific about eyesight with Ruthenium. While this is true for other physiological functions, it seems to have eyesight as one of its higher priority capacities. From a scientific 3D perspective you can't pin it down because it doesn't have any direct correlation with the physical, but when you go into the dimensional (density) "bands" and look at it from the knowing standpoint, it's right in the middle of getting everything organized so that it can flow correctly, but you wouldn't be able to observe this or know this unless you really backed out over somebody over a month and a half or two and just really look at their life and compare it to what it was before, and see what a difference it makes. And of course each person's unique and so you have that aspect of it too, but because it's working in what are more or less generic template-like fields, it's going to have pretty much the same function but be different only in matters of degree, such as how open and balanced one person is compared to the next person, who might not be.