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1 Gram Pouch
1 Pouch - $49
2 Pouches - $83
3 Pouches - $110


Everything we do and make are reality hacking cheat codes and spiritual expansion accelerants. Are you ready to level up in the game? There's really nowhere else to look. Let us answer your questions and get you going on your balanced and joyful acceleration into the new world and being.

Our new intent bundles are a great place to start.

PERSONAL BUNDLES - Any three products is your personal bundle, and gets you 15% off.

NEW AULTRA SUPERGOLD - Featured to the right. This one is a powerful intent amplifier. Why? Monoatomic gold is known to work in the etheric, causal realm, simultaneously with the physical, imprinting your intent much more forcefully on the causal. And that's only a small part of what this one's about.

NEW THRIVE MONOATOMIC GOLD, OTHER NOBLES & ELEMENTS - Also featured to the right. This one's about mitochondrial acceleration through a blast of etheric light. This is a superfine white powder, incredibly light, derived from salts and pure metals through a process nobody but me uses, and it must purify you to do what it does.

OR, you're looking for:

  • White powder from pure gold? Go here.
  • Standard ormus precipitates from salts? Go here.
  • Entry level monoatomic gold? Go here.
  • Or check out our full and extensive lineup under Our Alchemy/Ormus in the menu.

PRODUCTS - Since 1997, I've made over fifty different deeply esoteric alchemy types, using ingredients as exotic as bee venom, the structural components of ant colonies, squid, black sands and pine sap, to say nothing of all the noble metals, cobalt, tin, zinc and copper, and others. What you'll find here are famously super quality, both in product and people, and our customer service is unparalleled.

There aren't many working in this domain today, if any, who know why alchemists throughout time kept bee colonies, kept facilities on soda springs, for what they used peacock feathers, or granite keyways on specific angles. I do know, however, and it's because of my contact into those times.

ALCHEMY ITSELF - High alchemy has one purpose: to bridge the higher to the lower, and the lower to the higher, and to make this wondrous physical vessel we're presently occupying be the place those two planes meet, in the perfect union of matter and spirit. To effect that union, your internal world, the subconscious, the emotional and mental bodies, must be pure. That's what we do: purify you.

CLEAR & BALANCE - Your wellbeing, thriving and transformation is all that matters to us, and we're very good at delivering the goods.

AWAKENING - We've awakened thousands, many with us for fifteen years or longer, all high level people who'd tell you everything we make is uniformly excellent. And we do tend to attract the highest level people. If classical enlightenment is your goal, your best shot at that is with us.

Human Transformation

This is about how you change your inner world to change your outer world. It's about how the world (Universe) begins responding to you, how your life changes, how bad habits fall away, how toxic situations of all kinds recede into the background, how deeply embedded trauma transmutes and vanishes, how new doorways of opportunities come along. This is how one elevates into a higher plane. And yes, our alchemy is about bending spacetime to your will. If you're about deep and ancient power, there is nowhere else to be. The deeper you look, the more true you'll find that to be about us.

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