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EXPERIENCE - We've been here since 1997, quietly making the highest frequency white powder monoatomic gold ormus and other elements available to the public.

CLEAR & BALANCE - Your wellbeing, thriving and transformation is all that matters to us, and we're very good at delivering the goods.

AWAKENING - We've awakened thousands, many with us for fifteen years or longer, all high level people who'd tell you everything we make is uniformly excellent.

WHITE POWDER FROM PURE GOLD - Looking for white powder (monatomic) gold made from pure metal gold? Go here. But is it the best place to start? Not necessarily.


Human Transformation


True High Alchemy is about how you change your inner world to change your outer world. It's about how the world (Universe) begins responding to you, how your life changes, how bad habits fall away, how toxic situations of all kinds recede into the background, how deeply embedded trauma transmutes and vanishes, how new doorways of opportunities come along. And yes, our alchemy is about bending spacetime to your will. If you're about deep and ancient power, there is nowhere else to be. The deeper you look, the more true you'll find that to be about us.

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STEP 1 / ORIGIN - From a superior natural source in both powder and liquid. It contains white powder (monoatomic) gold, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, manganese, and high-spin sodium, all of which are super brain foods. The scientist-alchemist who showed me this secret natural source converted it into a bar of gold, which then converted back to white powder ormus on its own while sitting in the Sun. So there's no question this natural source contains high concentrates of monoatomic gold ormus, and Origin is powerful alchemy. He called it "rocket fuel."

Starts the clearing and purifying process, the foundation upon which to build for deeper work. Even though it's a starting point, it's very powerful. It only requires a few drops, and it adjusts to your frequencies to make the transitions as smooth as possible. Learn more.

1 Oz Liquid - $49


STEP 2 / LUMIN - Natural source, liquid only, and can also be Step 1, so get what you're drawn to. Contains the Big 4: ormus gold, platinum, rhodium, iridium. This is such a beautiful and gentle being, but very powerful. It's like moving a mountain with a feather. The first thing Lumin does is balance your subtle bodies, causing alignments that are conducive to further density clearing, building on Origin by going deeper. Then begins the flow of information specific to you, an increasing quantity and quality.

It's made from evaporated sea water taken from 2200 feet below the ocean surface off of Kona, Hawaii. If you're familiar with the prehistoric civilization of Lemuria, which was in the Pacific Ocean, it has that Lemurian vibe all over it. It's taken from near a volcanic vent, so it's extremely rich in monoatomic ormus elements, as volcanoes are just Earth's alchemical cauldron. Learn more.

$49 1 Oz


STEP 3 / IPHAZ - Natural source in liquid only. Another beautiful, but a little less gentle (than Lumin) being. This is where the deep clearing work starts. Also contains the Big 4: gold, platinum, iridium and rhodium, but with our monatomic gold and platinum added in to the alchemical processing. Origin and Lumin got you going with more surface stuff, but IPhaz now knows you're prepared to take a more significant jump. You might intellectually know there is a universe raging just beyond your conscious reach, but becoming more aware of it with your inner/higher senses is a whole different story. Once this barrier is crossed it can open a doorway to new vistas as your higher path begins to emerge, with a refresh of everything in your world.

It's from the same evaporated sea water as Lumin, but with our ormus gold and platinum from the pure metals entangled with it in the process of making it. It also contains natural platinum, rhodium and iridium ormus in high frequency states. Learn more.

1 Oz Liquid - $49


STEP 4 / PHASIX - For those ready for the highest stuff. From a natural source, but derived through an alchemical method used by only me. Gold and platinum are the geometric lattice gateways, but they're indetetcable once used and absorbed. When it's "born," it's a white powder so light and fine, it's stunning, and many veteran users of our products would tell you it's the best and highest we have.

We work with incredibly accurate clairsensing individuals, and one of them describes Phasix as one of the highest frequency substances on Earth. The Bovis Scale registered it at plus 20 million. By comparison, organic broccoli comes in at around 15,000. Although monoatomic gold and platinum ormus are still being used in Phasix as the geometric gateways and bridges for what is to come, we're told that what it contains are essences from far above this plane.

If you've done substantial clearing work, or if you've used Origin and/or Lumin and Iphaz, or if you are a high level practitioner of secret arts, this is the one. You can still get it no matter wwhere you are on your path, but its esoteric functioning might be a bit tricky to get to understand.

It doesn't really operate in 3D at all, although the local 3D body can benefit from what happens in the subtle fields. It's for those who would use it for magical operations, or to formally request access to higher libraries. The only other materials we have on this level are Sri Yantra and Psionix.

Because some people prefer liquids, the liquid form is simply the dry powder added to distilled and structured water. It's the favorite of many of our users. Like the rest of our alchemical materials, it exists on multiple densities (popularly referred to as dimensions), but Phasix reaches so much deeper into the secret of secrets, if you're ready, and if that's your path. Learn more.

Tune in - Phasix Powder

So there's no confusion, this is a 1 gram vial. You don't need spoonfuls of our stuff, just a tiny pile. A gram should last anyone months.

1 Oz Liquid - $59

1/2 Gram - $49